Dell Servers

Dell servers can be a strong foundation for your organization’s IT infra. They have purpose-built compact designs, the most advanced hardware components, and integrated security and management capabilities. They deliver the high performance they are made for.


HP Servers

HP servers, with their advanced specifications and features, have become one of the best server brands available in the market. They are designed to deliver great performance all the time and can easily fulfill all business and application needs.


Buy Server Online. HP, DELL, Cisco Servers at Lowest Price

Turkey is always known for its cultural diversity, and being the bridge between Asia and Europe is always crowded with tourists from all four sides of the world. Covid brought a new requirement for tourism that brought a need for various infrastructure. ServerBasket recognized this need and opened a hub in Istanbul, Ankara, and soon Izmir to help the companies match the evolutionary changes. The main advantage of ServerBasket, which turns out to be a game changer in this battle, is that you can immediately get a response from us after submitting your inquiry. We have a quick answer for quotation requests, plus you can also ask for quotations from as many places as you wish before placing your order.

We are at home when in Turkey

Turkey's emerging need for changes in their infrastructure to meet the new rules and preparation for any similar to the covid situation made the need for a ServerBasket hub evident. After our presence in the middle east and African countries, we found our way toward Turkey. Our key points won us opportunities in turkey; we provide you with different IT-related components from the most famous brands, HP, Del, Fujitsu, Cisco, and Lenovo, in different models and configurations. We won't stop here. We help you find the best configuration matching your need for your company's requirements. All these services are accessible under the same roof and in the shortest time gap.

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