Server Power Supplies

Excellent Deals on Server Power Supplies

Excellent Deals on Server Power Supplies

Purchase server power supply at discounted price only from ServerBasket. Unlock better power efficiency, minimize energy consumption, and run mission-critical servers with better stability with our range of PSUs. SB is also offering 90-day warranty coverage, quick shipping, readily available stock, and 24/7 support.

Dell Server Power Supply Price List In Nigeria:

Supported ServersWattageInput VoltageOutput VoltagePrice
DELL 1425SC, 1600SC, T430 450W100-240V36.89A Max₦ 41,988
DELL R620, R720, R720XD, R820, T620750W100-240V62.5A Max₦ 30,833
DELL C4130, R530, R940, R730XD, R740XD1100W100-240V91.6A Max₦ 41,988

HP Server Power Supply Price List In Nigeria:

Supported ServersWattageInput VoltageOutput VoltagePrice
HP DL360p G8, DL380 G7, DL380p G8, ML350 G8750W100-240V62.5A Max₦ 30,833
HP DL360 G7,DL580 G7, DL585 G7, DL170e G61200W100-240V75A Max₦ 43,868

Are you in search of the best, uninterruptible power supply for your data center? At ServerBasket, we offer our customers with a broad portfolio of PSUs that delivers intelligent power management capabilities. Explore our collection of reliable server power supply available at affordable pricing to improve your business ROI. These PSUs feature an advanced architecture and support dependable power backups to help your business stay connected.
Explore the power supplies available with us exclusively on our website without requiring any premium access. You can count on these power solutions to keep your workloads running without faltering. Avoid the risks of a power failure and keep your server productive with these economical PSUs.

How does a power supply help?

Conversion of Correct Current and Voltage for Powering Load

Conversion of Correct Current and Voltage for Powering Load

Leverage our power supplies that seamlessly convert AC voltage to DC voltage while ensuring server stability. They supply DC of 12 volt, 24 volt, etc. to the server’s motherboard. Get a 24v server power supply to regulate power and ensure smoother voltage for modern computing needs. These efficient PSUs minimize energy consumption and related power costs.

Limiting the Load-drawn Current for Safety

Limiting the Load-drawn Current for Safety

Our power supplies are built with current-limiting circuitry to maintain the output voltage for optimal safety and performance. It imposes a limit on the current to better protect your system. It protects the upstream power source because overcurrent can immensely damage circuits and may render the server inoperable. Thus, our PSUs support current limiting to protect your system while simultaneously reducing maintenance costs.

Shutting Off Current During Electrical Faults

Shutting Off Current During Electrical Faults

We offer power supplies that deliver a better tolerance towards electrical faults. They are equipped with circuit protection devices to automatically stop or limit current flow to prevent mishaps. Such electrical faults can occur due to under voltage, over current, reversed power, phase unbalance, and high-voltage surges. These PSUs proactively regulate the power supply to protect the system.

Energy Storage for Supply in Temporary Interruption

Ensure business continuity at all times with our efficient power supply units. These function as an uninterruptible power source providing you with emergency power when any unforeseen disruption occurs. Thus, you can effectively tackle power outages and continuously cater to your customers. SB is offering the best discounts on redundant power supplies to support your business interests.

All Types of Power Supplies from Various Brands

Whether you require a Dell PowerEdge power supply, or other brands such as IBM, Cisco, or HP server power supplies, we have all brands easily available on our platform. Purchase server power supply with varying efficiency, be it, HP 2400W, 1600W, HP 1200W, HP 750W, Dell 495W, or more. Explore our entire selection of PSUs available so that we can meet your exact needs.

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Quick and Safe Shipping Services

We make sure to quickly and safely ship the power supply units to your location. We ship to all major locations in Nigeria, including Ibadan, Kano, Lagos, and other cities.


Round-the-clock Tech & Installation Support

Our IT experts are consistently available to provide you with requisite customer support, 24/7. Whether you require installation or technical support, we will immediately resolve your issues.


90-day Warranty Cover

Get 90-day warranty coverage on power supply units at ServerBasket. If you face any issues, you can get them exchanged or repaired under warranty claims.

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