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Great Deals on Ethernet Cards

Buy Ethernet card at great discounts only at ServerBasket. Purchase the best 10GB Ethernet card to improve networking connectivity, increase data transfer rates, and lower latency. These cards establish reliable, consistent, and secure connections. SB is offering never-seen-before discounts on these network cards. Place your order now!

Build a reliable communication port for your server with our collection of best-quality NIC and server LAN card. Transmit data from the network to your server with ultra-fast speed and accelerate business productivity. Get excellent deals on LAN and NIC card price only with Server Basket to improve your data center performance. Our collection of server LAN card provides you with low latency, optimal load balancing, faster bandwidth, and uncompromised performance. Based on your security, throughput, and connectivity requirements, you can find the exact match for your data center needs here.

What advantages does a LAN card offer?

Increased Speed of Network using the Internet

Increased Speed of Network using the Internet

Leverage a 10GB network card to help your server seamlessly communicate over the network. The data flow becomes exceptionally dependable enabling you to improve productivity. You can share large amounts of data without any hindrance among multiple users. This network card offers you increased Internet speed so that you can process your work faster.

More Reliability of the Connection

More Reliability of the Connection

Purchase a PCIe Ethernet card from ServerBasket at the biggest discount. In present times, slow speed or crashing connections can cause a business to suffer extensively in the competitive marketplace. Choosing the right Ethernet network adapter helps establish a dependable and fast network connection, ensures consistency, and speeds up your server. Reduced latency thus helps you market your services faster.

Ability to Connect Various Peripheral Systems

Ability to Connect Various Peripheral Systems

Network card functions as a middleman between your data network and server. It helps create connections between your system and various peripheral devices. You can map your data center needs to purchase the right PCI express LAN card with the desired number of ports. These multiple ports enable your system to move more data, hence, ensuring increased throughput.

Data Sharing in Huge Volumes and Multiple Users

Dual Lan card supports a better mix of devices and more bandwidth to improve data movement capabilities between your server and network. It offers you redundancy and improved network connectivity to avoid faltering. The dual LAN port enables a primary and secondary network connection. Hence, in case you suffer connection failure, there is a readily available backup solution. It significantly increases bandwidth to transfer data faster.

Huge Catalog of Ethernet Cards

Explore our range of the best 10GB network card for your data center. Choose LAN/Ethernet card in the model and configuration of your choice to stay aligned with your current and near-future requirements. You can opt for a 4 port LAN card if you intend to add a greater number of peripheral devices. Purchase Intel 10GB network card at a discount to avoid compromising your budget.

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