Server Power Supplies

Get the Best Deals on Server Power Supplies

Get the Best Deals on Server Power Supplies

Is your server power supply reliable? To prevent server crashes and downtime, a precise power supply is obviously necessary. A piece of gear known as a server power supply can change alternating current into direct current. To improve the functionality of your server, Server Basket provides some of the greatest power supply deals

Dell Server Power Supply Price List In Egypt:

Supported ServersWattageInput VoltageOutput VoltagePrice
DELL 1425SC, 1600SC, T430450W100-240V36.89A MaxEGP 2,822
DELL R620, R720, R720XD, R820, T620750W100-240V62.5A MaxEGP 2,072
DELL C4130, R530, R940, R730XD, R740XD1100W100-240V91.6A MaxEGP 2,822

HP Server Power Supply Price List In Egypt:

Supported ServersWattageInput VoltageOutput VoltagePrice
HP DL360p G8, DL380 G7, DL380p G8, ML350 G8750W100-240V62.5A MaxEGP 2,072
HP DL360 G7,DL580 G7, DL585 G7, DL170e G61200W100-240V75A MaxEGP 2,926

In a data center, a server must be able to manage complicated workloads. A server power supply has a big impact on how reliable and dependable the system is and how well it performs.
Here, the server units are built with an architecture that provides sufficient power to carry out any task without experiencing any downtime. The best server power supply should contain measures to protect the parts or components of your system in the event that the electrical supply is compromised.
The most significant advice for selecting a power supply for your system is therefore provided below. We hope you will find that beneficial.

Why is a power supply required?

Converts Electric Power for Supply to Loads

Converts Electric Power for Supply to Loads

The power supply transfers electrical energy from a source to the right current, frequency, and voltage to power the load. For any reason, if the current frequency differs from the system’s real power needs, the system will suffer greatly. To protect your server, explore Server Basket to select from the latest variety of power supply switches, which include 12 Volt and 24V server power supply.

Keeps the Current Levels Secure

Keeps the Current Levels Secure

A power source is essential for maintaining a steady current level. A power supply manages the current levels to prevent high and low voltages in the server system. This is used to balance the current in the system, protecting it against overvoltage. It is necessary to regulate the power supply of a system in order to control the output current.

Shuts Off Power During Failures

Shuts Off Power During Failures

Nobody wants their server to be damaged or shut down because of the lack of adequate power. However, if the system is unable to manage the accurate current, a power supply will help protect your system from power outages by shutting off the power during any failure. While you turn off the power, all of your data is safe.

Correction and Conditioning of Current to Prevent Surges

Of course, depending on whether your power supply will push or stop the supply, you’ll have different challenges. A server may sustain significant disruptions and damage if the current is too high, and you risk losing crucial data. It is wise to get power supplies that have power conditioning features that protect your server from any risks in the case of a power grid outage.

Various Types of Power Supplies from Different Brands

We have a strong reputation in the industry and offer a wide range of server power supplies like the Dell PowerEdge power supply, HP server power supplies, and some other brands as well. The HP 750W, HP 1600W, HP 1200W, HP 2400W, and Dell 495W are all ready and in stock. Use powerful server and data center SMPS technologies to enhance your business performance.

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