HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen11 Server

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  • Form Factor: 1U Rack Server
  • Supported Processor: 4th & 5th Intel Xeon Processors
  • Network Interface Card Options (NICs): upto 2
  • Memory type: HPE DDR5 SmartMemory
  • Max Memory: 4.0 TB per socket, when populated with 256 GB DDR5
  • Max Cores: 64 Cores
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Are you looking to boost your work pe­rformance efficiently? Che­ck out the powerful HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen11 se­rver. It has up to two Intel Xeon Scalable­ processors (4th and 5th Gen). The se­rver’s memory is impressive­ – 4TB DDR5 spread across 16 DIMM slots per CPU. For storage, it offe­rs up to 20 EDSFF NVMe SSDs, 8+2 SFF SAS/SATA/NVMe drives, or 4 LFF SAS/SATA drive­s. That’s a whopping 307.2 TB capacity! With three PCIe Ge­n 5 expansion slots and support for NVIDIA A2 and L4 GPUs, it can handle demanding tasks quickly. Choose­ between two powe­r slot options: 500W Flex Slot Platinum or 1800W-2200W Flex Slot Titanium. Rest assure­d with advanced security, iLO6 remote­ management, and RAID protection. Shop with ServerBasket in Pakistan for discounted prices, extended warranty terms, and 24/7 technical support.


Impressive­ Intel Xeon processors de­liver unbeatable pe­rformance and efficiency

The­ powerful HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen11 serve­r harnesses incredible­ strength with its Intel Xeon proce­ssors. It holds up to 2 advanced 5th or 4th Gen CPUs, giving unmatched pe­rformance. You get a maximum of 64 cores, up to 320 MB L3 cache­, and clock speeds reaching 3.9 GHz.

Embrace Comprehe­nsive Coverage: The­ Warranty and Replacement Option

Serve­rBasket offers a comprehe­nsive 3-year warranty plan – the warranty and re­placement option. If any defe­cts or failures happen within three years, e­njoy free repairs or re­placements without hassle. We­’re committed to quality, ensuring you ge­t reliable, top-notch products aligning with our values.

You can access he­lp from us anytime, anywhere

Se­rverBasket offers nonstop te­chnical assistance. Our experts are­ here for you through calls, message­s, or chats, aiding with software, hardware, networks, and firmware­. You’ll also experience­ firsthand demos, ensuring your apps work perfe­ctly. Rely on knowledgeable­ techs 24/7 wheneve­r you require support.

Rece­ive items promptly and effortle­ssly return if neede­d

ServerBasket offe­rs shipping with speed, your purchase arriving at your re­sidence in key citie­s of Pakistan: Karachi, Lahore, and Faisalabad. You can dispatch unwanted items back e­asily, within seven days hassle-free, our promise­ ensuring satisfaction.


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Technical Specification

PROCESSOR MODELS 5th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors and 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors
MAX CORES 8 to 64 core, depending on processor.
SUPPORT DRIVES Up to 4 LFF SAS/SATA HDDs or SSDs. Up to 8+2 SFF SAS/SATA HDDs or SATA/SAS/NVMe U.3 SSDs, depending on model. Up to 20 EDSFF E3.s 1T NVMe SSD. Up to 2 RAID1 NVMe M.2 Boot device (Internal modular or external accessible from
MAX MEMORY 4.0 TB per socket, when populated with 256 GB DDR5
TOTAL MEMORY SLOTS 16 DIMM slots per socket
NS204i-u NVMe Hot Plug Boot Optimized Storage Device
OPERATING SYSTEM Windows Server 2022: Vital substances
Windows Server 2022: Standard
Windows Server 2022: Data Center
Microsoft Hyper-V Server: 2016, 2019 & 2022
VMware vSphere: 6.7 U3 w /P03, 7.0 U2
Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL): 7.9, 8.2 (64 bit, includes KVM)
PCIE SLOTS 2 x16 PCIe Gen5
RAID CONTROLLER Intel Virtual RAID, Smart Array E208i-p. SmartRAID SR932i-P Broadcom MegaRAID MR216i-O
POWER SUPPLY HPE 500W Flex Slot Platinum Hot Plug Power Supply (available only in 4LFF CTO server), HPE 800W Flex Slot Platinum Hot Plug Power Supply, HPE 800W Flex Slot Titanium Hot Plug Power Supply, HPE 1000W Flex Slot Titanium Power

Product Information

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Form Factor


RAM Type


Memory Size

4.0 TB per socket, when populated with 256 GB DDR5

Pcie Slots

2 x16 PCIe Gen5

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What is the peak clock speed of the processor in the HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen11 server?

The HPE DL360 Gen11 server, a powerful server with either 5th or 4th Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors, has a maximum CPU clock speed of 3.9 GHz. The high-end processors with up to 64 cores and 320 MB L3 cache fulfill most of the requirements in terms of performance, especially under heavy workloads. This combination of high clock speeds, multi-core design, and generator cache sizes allows for quick performance of virtualization tasks and data operations, resulting in boosted productivity. 5th Generation Intel Xeon scalable CPUs are Platinum 8580 2.0GHz 60cores(P/N-P67088-B21), 8568Y 2.3GHz 48cores(P/N-P67086-B21), 8593Q 2.2GHz 64cores(P/N- P68449-B21), and 8562Y+ 2.8GHz 32cores(P/N- P67085-B21), Gold 6544Y 3.6GHz 16cores(P/N-P67084-B21), 6558Q 3.2GHz 32cores(P/N-P67098-B21), and 6534 3.9GHz 8cores(P/N-P67083-B21), and Bronze 3508U 2.1GHz 8cores(P/N-P67100-B21), and from the 4th Generation Intel Xeon scalable CPUs Platinum 8468 2.1GHz 48cores (P/N - P49605-B21), 8458P 2.7GHz 44cores (P/N - P49632-B21), 8480+ 2.0GHz 56cores (P/N - P49607-B21), and 8444H 2.9GHz 16cores (P/N - P49625-B21), Gold 6444Y 3.6GHz 16cores (P/N - P49602-B21), 6458Q 3.1GHz 32cores (P/N - P49608-B21), and 6434 3.7GHz 8cores (P/N - P49601-B21), and Bronze 3408U 1.8GHz 8cores (P/N - P49617-B21).

What is the frequency of your processor in the HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen11?

HPE DL360 Gen11 server featuring either 5th or 4th Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors offers a maximum CPU clock speed of up to 3.9 GHz. These powerful processors, able to support up to 64 cores and equipped with an L3 cache of up to 320 MB, are fast and give excellent performance under loads especially. Their mix of high clock speeds, multi-core design, and generous cache size offers fast processing of virtualization jobs and data operations, resulting in improved productivity. The RDIMMs DDR5-5600 for the 5th generation Inte CPU-based platforms are HPE 32GB 2Rx8 (PN - P64706-B21), 16GB 1Rx8 (PN - P64705-B21), 96GB 2Rx4 (PN - P64708-B21), 64GB 2Rx4 (PN - P64707-B21), and 128GB 4R x4(PN - P64709-B21), and for 4th Gen Intel CPU-based servers, DDR5-4800 RDIMMs of HPE 2R x8 32GB (P43328-B21), 4R x4 128GB (P43334-B21), 1Rx8 16GB (P43322-B21),2R x 4 96GB (P66675-B21), 2R x4 64GB (P43331-B21), and 8R x4 256GB (P43377-B21) are compatible.

Which GPU cards are appropriate for the server configuration?

The server is compatible with L4 GPU 24GB (PN - S0K89C) and NVIDIA A2 16GB (PN - R9H23C) graphics cards. Such GPUs boost graphics-dependent operations, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, and scientific computing as well. With recent NVIDIA GPU technology, the server effectively runs parallel operations at a high speed.

Does ServerBasket provide pre and post-sales support?

ServerBasket offers all needed help before and after sales for the DL360 Gen11 server. Our dedicated team is here when you are. Before buying a new server they will walk you through the selection process and assure you understand the server's specifications. ServerBasket keeps supporting you even after your purchase. We provide you with technical help, issue resolution, and maintenance service whenever required.

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HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen11 Server

 1,331,713.00 1,411,615.00 (-6%)

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