HPE ProLiant DL560 Gen10 Server

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  • Form Factor: 2U Rack Server
  • Supported Processor: Intel Xeon Scalable processors
  • Total Memory Slots: 48 DIMMs
  • Max Memory: 6TB
  • Max Cores: 28 Cores
  • Assured Warranty
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  • 24/7 Chat Support
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  • 3-year warranty Provide
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Does your DC need a highly scalable server with a dense design?  Hop onto DC-grade compute capabilities with the HPE DL560 Gen10 server from ServerBasket with roaring offers in Pakistan including Eid discounts, free live demos, and so on. The HPE’s DL560 generation 10 is a hyper-dense platform in 2U make featuring up to 4 Gen2 Intel Xeon Scalable processors, 6.0TB memory, 8 x Gen3 PCIe slots, and HPE OneView plus iLO5 for automated management. The 4S DL560 Gen11 server is a potent instrument for enterprises that are looking for performance, broad expandability, and scalability in a 2U size. Buy the HPE ProLiant DL560 G10 platform with zero down payment on all recognized credit cards in Pakistan with 3-year Warranty, simple 7-day returns assurance, and so on. 


One Server for Multiple Solutions

Handle your virtualization, high-end workloads and data-critical applications with the DL560 Gen10 for greater cost savings. As a welcome addition, the Gen10 HPE server allows you to add up to four Intel Xeon CPUs from 4-28 cores, DDR4 2933MT/s 6.0TB memory over 48 DIMMs, and a maximum SSD storage of 367TB with 24×15.3TB SFF SAS drives.

24/7 IT help

ServerBasket provides fast delivery across Egypt with low shipping fees. Customers enjoy the quick turnaround, receiving orders swiftly. ServerBasket also offers a generous 7-day return policy, making it easy to exchange or return items if needed, adding convenience and flexibility.

Test Before Buying

Test the HPE DL560 Gen10 before buying, talk to our executives now to arrange a session. Choose any application or configuration and test the server performance to your satisfaction. Our experts help you with choosing an optimal configuration once you decide to buy.

No-cost Shipping

Expand your business at lightning speeds in Pakistan as we deliver the HPE DL560 Gen10 to popular cities such as Peshawar, Multan, Lahore, Karachi, etc besides the remotest locations. Our multi-layer packaging ensures safe doorstep delivery anywhere in the country.


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Technical Specification

Brand HP
Server Model ProLiant DL560 Gen10
Form Factor 2U Rack
Processor Model Intel Xeon Scalable processors
Max Cores 28 Cores
Max Memory 6 TB
Total Memory Slots 48 DIMM’s
Supported Hard Drives (Hot-Plug) SFF SATA HDD (24 x 2 TB) Max 48 TB
SFF SAS HDD  (24 x 2.4 TB) Max 58 TB
SFF SATA SSD (24 x 7.68 TB) Max 184 TB
SFF SAS SSD  (24 x 15.3 TB) Max 367 TB
SFF NVMe SSD (12 x 15.36TB) Max 184 TB
Supported Operating System VMware ESXi
Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES)
Windows Server 2019
Windows Server 2016
Windows Server 2012 R2
PCIe Slots (Expansion Slots) 8 x PCIe 3.0 Slots
Supported RAID Controllers HPE Smart Array E208i-a SR G10 LH Controller
HPE Smart Array E208i-p SR Gen10 Controller
HPE Smart Array E208e-p SR Gen10 Controller
HPE Smart Array P408i-a SR G10 LH Controller
HPE Smart Array P408i-p SR Gen10 Controller
HPE Smart Array P408e-p SR Gen10 Controller
HPE Smart Array P816i-a SR G10 LH Controller
HPE Smart Array P824i-p MR Gen10 Controller
Power Supply (Hot Plug) HPE 1800W-2200W Flex Slot Titanium
HPE 800W Flex Slot Titanium Low Halogen
HPE 1600W Flex Slot Platinum Low Halogen

Product Information

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Form Factor


Processor Type

Intel Xeon Scalable processors

DIMM Slots


RAM Capacity


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What is the highest core count supported by the DL560 Gen10 HPE server?

The DL560 Gen10 HPE supports 1st and 2nd generation Intel Xeon Platinum and Gold processors from 4 cores to 28 cores. The supported processors include Platinum - 28-core 8280L, 8280, and 8276 (PNs- P07154-L21, P02984-L21, and P02958-L21), 26-core 8270 (PN - P02979-L21), 24-core 8268, 8260L, and 8260 (PNs - P02985-L21, P07152-L21, and P02959-L21) and Gold - 12-core 6256, 18-core 6254, 24-core 6252, 6252N, etc. with Part Numbers P24434-L21, P02986-L21, P02962-L21, P02960-L21, etc.

How many DIMM slots does ProLiant DL560 Gen10 support?

The DL560 Gen10 platform encompasses 48 DIMMs in a 4P configuration with 12 DIMMs/CPU supporting 2933 and 2666MT/s DDR4 RAM. The suggested memory modules are as follows 1Rx8 8GB (P00918-B21), 1Rx4 16GB (P00920-B21), 2Rx8 16GB (P00922-B21), 2Rx8 16GB (835955-B21), 2Rx4 32GB (P00924-B21), 2Rx4 32GB (815100-B21), and 2Rx4 64GB (P00930-B21).

Does the HPE DL560 Gen10 support 100G LAN Cards?

No, but the HPE DL560 Gen10 supports 1G, 10G, and 10/25G LAN cards such as 4-port 1G BCM5719 and I350-T4V2 (PNs - 629135-B22 and 665240-B21), 2-port 10GbE BCM57416, X710-DA2, and X550-AT2 adapters (PNs - 817721-B21, 727054-B21, and 817745-B21), 2-port 10/25Gb QL41401-A2G, MCX4121A-ACFT, and BCM57414 (PNs - 867334-B21, 817749-B21, and 817709-B21).

Do you extend AMC services on the HPE ProLiant DL560 Gen10 server in Pakistan?

ServerBasket offers on-demand AMC services on all brand new and refurbished HPE servers in Pakistan, apart from local tech support accessible 24/7, pickup support during replacement, and remote troubleshooting.

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HPE ProLiant DL560 Gen10 Server

 1,004,444.00 1,064,710.00 (-6%)

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