DELL Server Power Supplies

Dell Server Power Supply Price List In Ethiopia

Supported ServersWattageInput VoltageOutput VoltagePrice
DELL 1425SC, 1600SC, T430450W100-240V36.89A MaxBr 4,916
DELL R620, R720, R720XD, R820, T620750W100-240V62.5A MaxBr 3,610
DELL C4130, R530, R940, R730XD, R740XD1100W100-240V91.6A MaxBr 4,917

Dell Server Power Supplies at the Best Discounts

Buy Dell power supply at unbelievable prices only at ServerBasket. Please choose from our broad portfolio of PSUs for your Dell server. Enjoy fabulous offers, 24/7 customer support, and a long-term warranty with your purchase.

Are you looking for the most efficient power supplies at low prices for your Dell PowerEdge servers? ServerBasket has the right fit for you! Explore our most expansive collection of Dell PowerEdge power supply units to unlock the best performance for your data center. Our Dell server DC power supply features industry-leading PSU efficiencies. It allows you to maximize workload performance to stay competitive in the market.

Industry-standard Power Supplies for Optimal Server Performance

Get Dell server redundant power supply to avoid unforeseen server crashes and ensure continuous performance. These industry-standard power supplies offer the proper setup to ensure system stability. You can thus power your mission-critical servers without fearing slowdown.

Simple Installation and Setup for Uninterrupted Operation

Our range of power supplies facilitates easy configuration and smooth installation. We provide data, a design guide, and other content to set up the PSU seamlessly. It integrates easily into your data center to facilitate continuous operation without glitches.

Built-in Cooling Components Prevent Overheating Risks

Dell server power supplies have built-in cooling capabilities and effectively remove excess heat to prevent overheating. The power supply fans are highly durable that increase the cooling power. Hence, they keep the system under permissible operating conditions.

Designed to Fit Standard Server Chassis

A Dell PowerEdge power supply consists of redundant, hot-swappable components, required for the standard server chassis. Such system-level power supplies become a seamless fit at affordable costs to boost your data center performance.

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Why Choose ServerBasket?

Multiple Power Supply Brands

Select the suitable power supply from many brands available to meet your exact needs. These are extensively tested to ensure quality guarantee—moreover, the configuration of the PSU with desired efficiency and wattage requirements.

Special Offers for Long-term Customers

We offer our long-term customers special offers for your unwavering confidence in our services. Get additional discounts on your purchases and save more only with ServerBasket.

Free-of-charge Setup Assistance

Quick Shipping and Delivery

We ship to all major cities globally, including Mekelle, Dire Dawa, and Addis Ababa, in the shortest time possible. Get your Dell PowerEdge power supply delivered to your doorstep safely with us.

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