New Dell Servers in Ethiopia

  • Dell EMC PowerEdge R750xs Server

    • Brand: Dell
    • Form Factor: 2U Rack
    • Product Type: Server
    • PCIe Slots: Up to 5
    • Maximum RAM: Up to 1TB
    • Type of RAM: DDR4
    • Supported Hard Drives: 3.5 and 2.5
    • Processor Type: Intel Xeon Scalable
    • Number of Processors: Up to 2
    • Maximum Storage Capacity: 192TB
    • Assured Warranty
    • 24/7 Technical Support
    • Free Remote Installation Assistance anywhere in Ethiopia
    ETB 347,908.00ETB 386,178.00

    Dell EMC PowerEdge R750xs Server

    ETB 347,908.00ETB 386,178.00
  • Dell PowerEdge R250 Rack Server

    • Dell PowerEdge R250 Rack Server
    • Form Factor : 1U
    • Total Memory Slots : 4 DIMMs Slots
    • Supported Processor : Intel Xeon E-2300
    • PCIe Slots : 2 PCIe Slots
    • Assured Warranty
    • 24/7 Technical Support
    • Charges Depend on Locations
    • Instant Shipping in Ethiopia
    • Beat Deal in Market!
    ETB 72,001.00ETB 79,874.00

    Dell PowerEdge R250 Rack Server

    ETB 72,001.00ETB 79,874.00
  • Dell PowerEdge R350 Rack Server

    • Dell PowerEdge R350 Rack Server
    • Form Factor : 1U Rack Mount
    • Total Memory Slots : 4 DIMMs
    • Supported Processor : Intel Xeon E-2300 Series
    • Total PCIe Slots : 2 PCIe Slots
    • Power Supplies : 600W
    • ServerBasket Assured Warranty
    • Instant Shipping across Ethiopia
    ETB 97,541.00ETB 108,284.00

    Dell PowerEdge R350 Rack Server

    ETB 97,541.00ETB 108,284.00
  • DELL PowerEdge R650 Server

    • Form Factor: 1U Rack Server
    • Supported Processor: 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors
    • Total Memory Slots: 32 DIMMs
    • PCI slots: 3 x PCIe Gen4 Slots
    • Max Memory: 8TB
    • Max Cores: 80 Cores (40 Cores per socket)
    • Easy to use and secure
    • Quick Shipping across Ethiopia
    • Assured ServerBasket Warranty
    • 24/7 Technical Support
    ETB 278,746.00ETB 306,563.00

    DELL PowerEdge R650 Server

    ETB 278,746.00ETB 306,563.00
  • Dell PowerEdge R750 Server

    • Form Factor: 2U Rackmount Server
    • Supported Processor: 3rd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processors
    • Total Memory Slots: 32 DIMM Slots
    • PCI slots: 8 x PCIe Gen4 slots (up to 6 x16)
    • Max Memory: 8TB DDR4
    • Max Cores: 80 Cores
    • Assured Warranty
    • Quick Shipping in Ethiopia
    • 24/7 Support with Experts
    ETB 598,583.00ETB 718,243.00

    Dell PowerEdge R750 Server

    ETB 598,583.00ETB 718,243.00

Exclusive Deals on Latest Dell Servers in Ethiopia

Get Exclusive Deals on Latest Dell PowerEdge Servers

Are you on the lookout for superior-quality servers to meet your workload and acceleration-related needs? We have a wide range of brand new Dell servers for sale at the best prices when you compare them in the market. Get customized features, best-in-class components, and a guaranteed warranty on our servers.

If you are planning to buy Dell server online, then look no further than Server Basket. We are a trusted name in the industry when it comes to dealing in refurbished as well as new Dell servers. Be it any server type and configuration, we have the option ready for you at attractive prices. You can check out our website and place your order for doorstep delivery. You can be assured of quality, genuine parts, superior service, and consistent technical support when you purchase your Dell server from us. Our hallmark products are trusted by our customers and our service is praised by them for transparency and convenience.

What are the advantages of buying the latest Dell servers?

Improve Asset Management

High-end Technologies Improve Asset Management

When you explore the latest servers in the market, you would realize that Dell servers prices are not only reasonable but you also get maximum features for any given price range with this brand. By investing in a new Dell server, you can get better asset management assurance because of the high-end technologies used in these servers.

Deliver Dense, Secure, and Scalable IT Infrastructure

Deliver Dense, Secure, and Scalable IT Infrastructure

We deal in the best Dell servers that offer your data center and offices dense, secure, and scalable IT infrastructure. You can buy online Dell 1U, 2U, 4U rack servers from our website based on your requirements. All your technical needs are met with our servers and we guarantee that you will get high performance consistently even in heavy workload environments.

Provide High Performance for a Lifetime

Durable and Reliable Servers Provide High Performance for a Lifetime

Whether you go for Dell rack servers or tower servers (to suit your needs and space availability), you can be assured that we will provide you with durable, reliable, and high-quality servers that will give high performance for a lifetime. Our trust is built by providing genuine servers to our customers so that they can get the worth of their money.

Offer Efficiency and Flexibility

Offer Efficiency and Flexibility for a Variety of Applications

Looking at specifics, the Dell EMC server rack type offers efficiency and flexibility for a large variety of applications. You can also save a lot of space by opting for a compact design of a rack server. The servers can be configured as per your requirements. Our Dell servers are guaranteed to offer you greater performance and durability.

Optimize Tolerance and Adaptability for Big Data Analytics

When you buy Dell Servers, you can get advanced features to optimize tolerance and get high-level adaptability for Big Data Analytics. The configurations are compatible to make them the best small business servers or even suitable for a medium-scale business. The prices at which you can get these servers are unbelievably attractive too.

Ideal for Organizations with Existing Data Center Facilities

If your organization already has an existing data center facility, then the Dell high-performance servers are ideal for your company. With an investment in the latest Dell servers, your data center can turn into state-of-the-art technological advancement for your company that can support heavy workloads and analytics, and manage several applications with ease.

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Why Choose ServerBasket?

Assurance of 1-Year Warranty

Backed up by 90-Day Warranty

When you buy a Dell Server from Server Basket, you will get a 90-day warranty from us. We offer free replacement and repair (conditions apply) on our servers during this warranty period.


Attractive Deals for Bulk Orders

Server Basket offers attractive deals and discounts on bulk orders. You can go through our website or get in touch with our team to know more details and get the best prices for your servers.

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We offer quick shipping across the globe including all major Ethiopian cities such as Addis Ababa, Dire Dawa, and Mekelle. Visit our website to know more about our worldwide shipping.

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