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To deploy an application or website effectively, you need a perfect server that can handle your workloads and is scalable based on business needs. We have a wide range of HP server models, available at the best prices. These models from the latest HP server generation are equipped with advanced features and bulletproof security.

HP servers are enterprise-class and software-defined servers that can handle even heavy workloads. Different types of HP servers are available to fit in your server rooms such as the blade, tower, rack, and hyper-scale. These are well-designed, customizable, scalable, and energy-efficient. Whether the enterprise is small or big, HP has a server for everyone to handle mission-critical operations. Organizations also have the flexibility to choose from 1U racks to huge blade servers with various processor and storage configurations. The HP latest servers configuration assures top-notch performance.

How can enterprises benefit from the Latest HP servers?

Supporting Diverse Workloads

Power-packed Servers Supporting Diverse Workloads

All server types offered by HPE are packed with capabilities to support businesses across industries. They deliver excellent performance, resilience, and scalability to manage all types of workloads in data center environments of different capacities. They can handle VDI, ERP, and CRM effectively with dual-processor capability, high memory, I/O capacity, and storage.

Multi-core Processors

Equipped with Highly Efficient Multi-core Processors

The most recent server models from HP are equipped with multi-core processors, which means two or more cores are embedded in a single processor. So, they process several computing tasks briskly, consume less power, and offer greater performance. Multiple processor cores and double the number of threads are used to execute many instructions with each core boosting the software speed.

Exceptional Performance

High-speed Servers Delivering Exceptional Performance

The latest HP ProLiant servers can support up to 4 processors, offering quick data transfer speeds and exceptional performance. The availability of 18, 24, 28, 32, or even more cores helps them deliver high computing power for a wide range of demanding business workloads. For increasing performance, the servers can be coupled with more memory and storage.

Graphics- and Memory-intensive Applications

Suitable for Graphics- and Memory-intensive Applications

HP servers are suitable for graphics-based and memory-intensive apps seamlessly, having integrated GPU capabilities. NVIDIA accelerators are designed to offer high performance and application acceleration. With NVIDIA CUDA cores, the accelerator will divide the large graphics or computing tasks into small tasks to execute them at the same time. It assures faster simulation and improvised graphics fidelity.

Possess the Latest Integrated HP Solutions

The latest HP server models offer integrated HPE management tools which make it quite easy for you to configure, manage and, install servers, making server administration simple. Integrated solutions within the server infrastructure will cut down operating expenses and accelerate service delivery.

Guaranteed Reasonable Prices on All Models

If you are buying the HP latest blade servers with advanced configurations, all these and other models are available within your budget. Our huge list of HP servers comes at the lowest possible prices. The best thing is that there are no middlemen involved in the buying process, so, you get the servers at a less price and an additional discount from us.

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Assurance of 1-Year Warranty

Warranty Cover of 90 Days

Every server is backed by a 90-day warranty. Within this period, if the server has any hardware issues, we repair or replace the server for free.

Expert Technical Support

Free Installation & 24/7 Tech Support

As the server is shipped to your destination, we provide free installation and if there are any technical issues with the server, we resolve them within no time.

Free-of-charge Setup Assistance

Fast and Safe Doorstep Delivery

We deliver your server to your doorstep safely and securely. We deliver servers to different locations in Ethiopia including Addis Ababa, Dire Dawa, and Mekelle

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