LAN Card (Ethernet Card/ NIC Card)

Get Best Offers on Ethernet Cards

Get Best Offers on Ethernet Cards

No matter how big or small your company is, finding the right network can be challenging. To transfer files and access the server, each device on the network needs to have the best 10GB Ethernet card. For transmitting data from the network to the computer, buy Ethernet cards from Server Basket.

An Ethernet connection is advantageous for all kinds of companies, whether you are a manufacturer or a global IT powerhouse. People frequently confuse an Ethernet link; an Ethernet card’s only function is to transfer data from the network to a computer or server. A server LAN card with WiFi networking capabilities also referred to as a NIC card, is used to interact with a network. Due to the interdependence of all departments’ processes, a company needs an Ethernet setup that links different LANs to enable effective departmental communication. The best NIC card price list is provided by Server Basket, allowing you to purchase cards that best suit your company’s requirements.

How is an Ethernet card beneficial?

Get High-speed Gigabyte Connection

Get High-speed Gigabyte Connection

Fast Internet is now considered essential, and gigabit Ethernet has taken its place. Before switching to this lightning-fast technology, there are many factors to take into account, but positioning the 10GB Ethernet device is the most crucial. The 10GB network card can supply the necessary power, allowing data transmission at 10 gigabits per second, ten times the speed of Ethernet.

Stable and Dependable Network

Stable and Dependable Network

Every professional scenario where numerous computers and employees must be connected requires speed. Every employee in the business has real-time access to the services they require, thanks to the Ethernet network adapter. The PCIe Ethernet card increases connection speed, enables multiple computers to remain connected to a server, and offers a more practical option than simply combining multiple gigabit Ethernet ports.

Connect Numerous Devices with LAN Card

Connect Numerous Devices with LAN Card

A department’s numerous customers can be connected to transfer data from one electronic device to another, which must be shared by several other electronic devices. Here, a PCIe Express LAN card is connected to a number of networked devices via the Ethernet communication mechanism. Additionally, it enables data exchange and uninterrupted contact between devices like switches, printers, and computers.

Share Data in Bulk Among Several End Users

A hub and switches are used in an Ethernet setup to link various devices to a LAN and transmit data at a reasonable transfer speed. Share large amounts of data among various departmental end users by using a dual LAN card. One PCIe slot can be used to add two gigabit Ethernet connections to a client, server, or workstation.

Choose from a Wide Selection of Ethernet Cards

An Intel 10GB network card, a 4 port LAN card, and other network products with various features and specifications to meet the varied requirements of customers are among the many Ethernet cards that Server Basket provides in Ghana. For customers looking for affordable options, our best 10GB network cards are an appealing choice because they are typically less expensive.

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