Refurbished HP Servers

Unmatched Discounts on Refurbished HP Servers-in-ghana

Unmatched Discounts on Refurbished HP Servers

Accelerate innovation and transform legacy architecture with refurbished HP rack servers, tower, and blade servers. SB provides you with exclusive deals on all configurations and models of HP servers. Moreover, we offer you a 90-day warranty, secure & speedy doorstep delivery, and higher discounts on bulk orders.

Are you in need of servers that deliver guaranteed performance at an affordable price? Opting for HP refurbished servers will provide a competitive edge to your enterprise. These advanced, used HP performance servers are best suited for evolving IT architectures. With the right provisioning of resources, they can power both traditional and emerging workloads. It’s time to make the right investment and transform legacy infrastructure with refurbished HP servers. With zero latency, optimized power consumption, high-speed memory and processing power, you are likely to stay ahead in the market among SMBs and enterprises.

How can businesses benefit by using the latest HP servers?

Support Different Workloads

High-end Servers that Support Different Workloads

Buy refurbished HP servers to leverage trusted, secure computing for a multitude of workloads. These intelligent, high-end systems can efficiently power your enterprise’s edge-to-cloud platform. Their hyper-converged infrastructure offers optimal agility, resilience, and workload consolidation. HP servers allow you to operate HPC, virtualization, AI/ML, and other demanding workloads. Thus, they effectively support new business opportunities to drive your business forward.

Have Multi-core CPUs

Have Multi-core CPUs for Highest Efficiency

Get refurbished HP G8 servers to drive digital transformation in your business. HP servers are engineered to empower automation and security in your data center. They come with high-end CPUs that have a higher number of cores and threads. Hence, you can leverage improved processing power over the previous generation for addressing a new wave of enterprise needs.

Enable Fast Operations for Exceptional Performance

Enable Fast Operations for Exceptional Performance

Configured to order refurbished HP servers feature an advanced chassis, intuitive interface, and automation tools to modernize compute management. They streamline operations to reduce the time and effort required and improve productivity. The intelligent systems ensure proactive performance and help mitigate risks upfront. They unify operations across the lifecycle and make possible consistency and visibility for smoother operations.

Supports All Kinds of Heavy Applications

Supports All Kinds of Heavy Applications

HP servers are equipped to deliver an extensive range of enterprise-grade capabilities. They help accelerate innovation by supporting traditional bare metal, VM-based, and container-based applications. They allow you to run all heavy applications in both multi-cloud and hybrid environments. These servers reduce complexity and offer the best built-in security and easy management to operate these applications.

Integrated with the Latest HP Technologies

Our range of HP servers refurbished for sale have the latest integrated HP technologies. These mission-critical servers have persistent, scalable memory. The OneView portfolio and iLO enable seamless management, supported by automation and remote management. The state-of-the-art technologies transform the servers into energy-efficient, dense packages to power your workloads.

Special SB Discounts on All Latest HP Servers

Purchase HP refurbished servers for sale at exclusive, discounted prices only at Server Basket. Our HP tower server refurbished and others have no hidden costs, and we do not involve any middlemen, making sure of affordability at your end. We also offer you pre-sales guidance to help you make the right choice. Purchase the HP servers at never-seen-before prices to accelerate your journey in this digital age.

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Why Choose ServerBasket?


Secure 90-day Warranty

We offer you a guaranteed warranty of 90 days on your purchase. Get free, secure claims for repairs and replacements within this period.

Quick Shipping Across Globe

Fast and Safe Doorstep Delivery

We deliver the HP servers to your doorstep securely in the least time possible. We ship to all major cities of Ghana including Addis Ababa, Dire Dawa, and Mekelle.


Special Deals for Bulk Orders

On placing bulk orders for HP servers to upgrade your data center, you get special discounted prices and deals enabling you to make highly economical purchases.

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