Refurbished Dell Servers in Ghana

Avail Discounts

Avail Discounts for Refurbished Dell Servers

If you have a limited IT budget but want to use Dell servers with genuine components and advanced features, then you have come to the right place. We offer refurbished Dell servers that are in top-notch condition and come at affordable prices. We test every server before shipping and also offer a warranty.

The servers that have been used already are refurbished and brought back to their original condition. These servers are replaced with the original components in case any of the components are obsolete, to improve the processing power and performance. These servers are in great condition and have longevity like new ones. We reconfigure the servers to meet specific user needs. When you buy used Dell servers, these are put back into production and few are used in testing and development environments. You can also use them for backups or as a backup vault in case of disasters. Used Dell servers are supported by a warranty.

What are the advantages of choosing Dell refurbished servers?

Deliver Performance

Deliver Performance at Par with New Servers

Dell refurbished servers will deliver performance at par with the new servers. These servers are thoroughly tested and their non-functioning parts are replaced by high-quality genuine spares. These are also configured with advanced hard drives, memory, and processors to keep up the performance of new ones. Based on configurations and requirements, sometimes, these used servers even exceed the performance of new ones.

Suitable in Every Aspect

Suitable in Every Aspect for SMBs

Used Dell servers are suitable to handle different works and small and medium businesses that have budget constraints can deploy these servers to attain better performance. These are deployed in test and production environments or to back up the redundant systems. These servers support high computing and storage needs. Dell servers for small businesses are used to deploy smaller applications or for hosting websites.

Built with High-quality

Built with High-quality Low-cost Components

These cheap Dell servers are built with superior-quality parts which are cost-effective. Their CPUs, memory, hard drives, and other components are of the best quality and useful to run software applications and handle business high-computing workloads. The refurbished dell servers for sale with us are equipped with modern features and technologies to function like new servers.

Include Remote Management Capabilities (iDRAC)

Include Remote Management Capabilities (iDRAC)

Our refurbished Dell servers include the advanced iDRAC feature that enables the system administrators to manage the servers remotely and get quick alerts in case of any issues. Remote monitoring reduces the efforts of system admins to manually inspect the server frequently. It also enables the server to run smoothly in distributed and scaled-out IT environments.

Upgrades in Refurbished Systems Boost Efficiency

Refurbished servers are upgraded with the latest capabilities and can be built according to your needs. These will improve the efficiency of all computing tasks. When you need more computing power to handle heavy workloads, refurbished servers are a good option without spending much. These servers also have room for future upgrades. The refurbishment of servers will enable the dismantling of the skeletal framework for easy customization.

Integrated Tools Enable Intelligent Operations and Better Security

Used Dell servers for sale at Server Basket have integrated remote access controllers to monitor the server’s health from any place. They also offer different security features such as live BIOS scanning, multi-factor authentication, UEFI secure boot customization, cipher select, and secured component verification. Security threats to hardware can be reduced with hardware-based infrastructure for BIOS, firmware, and iDRAC.

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Why Choose ServerBasket?


Security of 90-day Warranty

If you detect any damage or malfunction of any hardware component, we replace the component within 90 days from the date of purchase, free of cost.


Exclusive Offers on Bulk-quantity Purchases

In case you are upgrading the IT infrastructure and want to replace the old servers with refurbished ones with advanced features, we give exclusive offers on bulk purchases.

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Secure Doorstep Delivery

We ship the servers to your destination safely and on time. We deliver to different cities in Ghana such as Accra, Sunyani, and Kumasi.

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