RAID Controller Card (PCI RAID Card)

Best deals on RAID Controller Card-in-ghana

Best deals on RAID Controller Card

Seeking to boost your server’s storage performance? Purchase RAID controller card from ServerBasket to get desired RAID level, achieve optimal data redundancy, faster data access, and more. SB is offering great discounts and many benefits including 24/7 support, quick delivery across Ghana, and a 90-day warranty.

Improve the storage performance of your data center with the best RAID controller. This hardware device is designed to proactively manage your physical disk drives. A PCI express RAID controller combines various storage drives together to function as a logical unit for optimal performance. Moreover, this PCI RAID controller also creates redundancy so that even during drive failure, you will face no issue with data usability.
Get excellent deals on RAID controllers only with Server Basket. Customize it with the required RAID level for your end needs. We offer you high discounts and a host of benefits to improve your data center productivity.

What advantages does a RAID controller card offer

Hassle-free Management of All Storage Drives

Hassle-free Management of All Storage Drives

Seamlessly manage your server’s hard disk drives and SSDs with the latest generation RAID controller. Our range of advanced RAID cards for servers virtualizes physical storage drives into distinct categories. Each group has its redundancy and data security properties. Hence, it significantly improves the management of storage drives, providing more speed to write/read data.

Quicker Data Access

Quicker Data Access

Get customized storage controller cards with optimal RAID levels, throughput speed, cache size, power consumption, and data consumption capabilities. It is easy to set up and provides support for every major operating system. These RAID controller cards have improved drive compatibility and faster speeds to access data faster and manage RAID arrays with better agility.

Data Redundancy for Protection

Data Redundancy for Protection

Buy RAID controller of your choice at the best discount to accelerate access to stored data and boost computing performance. Get the desired RAID level that leverages mirroring or striping data to achieve data redundancy. It makes data copies on multiple drives. Due to this, it facilitates data availability, improves mean time when failures occur, boosts fault tolerance, and allows better throughput error correction.

Considerable Gain in System Performance

Get SAS/SATA RAID controller card to improve data storage reliability and increase server performance. With these SATA and SAS RAID cards, manage storage systems with greater ease. They cluster the low-end drives together so that they become a single, high-performing logical unit. Hence, it boosts time-to-market so that you can deliver your workloads faster and achieve better productivity.

Need-based RAID Level Availability

Explore our collection of RAID controller cards on our website. We feature various RAID levels, including RAID 5 card to RAID 10 controller. Each of these RAID levels starting from RAID 0 has distinct redundancy, security, and management features. Based on your end needs, you can choose the required RAID level for your server to manage your physical disk drives.

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90-day Warranty Coverage

At Server Basket, we provide our customers with 90-day warranty coverage on the RAID controller card. If any issue arises, you can claim requisite support under our warranty policy.


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Our team of fully-vetted IT experts is available 24/7 to provide customers with dedicated installation and technical support. You can connect with us remotely round-the-clock.

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Place your order and receive the RAID controller card at the earliest possible time. We value your convenience and offer quick and safe delivery. We ship across Ghana including the cities of Accra, Sunyani, and Kumasi.

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