Cisco Servers In Iran

cisco servers in iran

Establish a unified system network and cut your operating costs with the super-efficient and reliable Cisco servers. These servers integrate computing, networking, virtualization, and storage into a flexible platform that enables broad virtualization and minimized operation tasks. Cisco servers provide high network availability and support broad ethernet bandwidth. They also support RAID controllers that aid in setting a secured IT network. These high-performance servers can support the workloads of both SMBs and enterprises with their Intel Xeon Processors and scalable storage options. They provide a good graphical and grid interface. Server Basket has a wide range of Cisco server models that include Cisco UCS C220 in M3 and M4 series, Cisco c240 M4 and M5 rack server, Cisco UCS C480 M5, Cisco B200 M5 blade, B480 blade server etc. The Cisco server models are available in 1U and 2U rack chassis. Get your Cisco servers today at Server Basket, at the lowest prices in Iran.

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Servers with Assured Remarkable Performance

Optimize and sustain your networks, and speed up your computing prowess with Cisco Servers. Powered by Intel Xeon Scalable processors and other series, each Cisco server model supports a wide range of applications enabling their remarkable performance. Deploy applications faster, manage intensive workloads and operate better with smart management systems.

Offer Integrated Framework for Huge Data and Analytics

Cisco UCS supports big data analytics with its effective integrated infrastructure and provides end-to-end provisioning and enterprise-level deployment. The unified system mediates a connection between storage, servers, and the cloud environment. The redundant architecture is customizable accordingly. So, the servers can handle huge data and analytics easily.

Provide high network availability and Security

Secure your network with customizable in-built RAID controllers and security features of Cisco servers. You can manage and deploy your I/O applications faster with Cisco servers. Increase uptime and improve your network availability with their secured ethernet bandwidth. You can also customize an Ethernet card with the required bandwidth to increase productivity and minimize latency.

Solid Memory Architecture suited for Virtualization

Cisco servers are highly scalable in memory. Different Cisco server models have adequate advanced DDR3 and DDR4 RAM, in addition to being supported by robust Intel Xeon processors and unified architecture. This makes Cisco servers readily deployable for virtualization and setting up VMs and clouding environments effectively.

Enable enhanced Application performance

Whether it’s handling critical workloads, I/O or VDI tasks, Cisco servers boost productivity with their balance server architecture. Cisco server configuration includes advanced and expandable components. We’ll configure and fine-tune your Cisco server to increase your application performance and efficiency.

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