RAID Controller Card (PCI RAID Card)



Manage storage in a better way, improve redundancy and cost-effectiveness, and reduce processing load with the efficient and reliable RAID Cards, now available at ServerBasket at low costs. Pick from the wide collection of RAID Controller cards from trusted brands like HP, Dell, and IBM. At Server Basket, you can also find a highly reliable RAID server to enhance storage protection and data transfers. We offer the best RAID Controller cards engineered to be compatible with multiple storage interfaces. Whether it’s to improve disk performance or achieve high redundancy, the RAID controllers of different levels are available at Server Basket. They offer a good PCIe interface, encryption capabilities, related drive level throughout speed, multiple drive support, etc. If you’re unsure about the type of RAID controller to choose then simply contact our support team for assistance. You can easily get these high-quality low-cost RAID cards from Server Basket, with free delivery options across Iran.

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Choose among a Wide Range Of RAID Cards

Pick from our wide catalog of RAID cards available on the Server Basket website. We have the best RAID Cards obtained directly from trusted brands like HP, Lenovo, Cisco, Dell, IBM, and others. We make sure to find the RAID controller that’s most compatible with your server and application needs.

Provide Data Redundancy and Protection

RAID controllers have features like mirroring that mirrors or copies data in case of disk failure; striping and parity to rebuild data across various nodes. Some RAID controller batteries prevent data loss and shut down operations in case of emergencies and protect data from being lost.

Enhances your hard drive performance

Increase your hard disks’ performance using low-end and high-end RAID controllers that are compatible with powerful processors, have ample cache and support various OSs. Simplify disk management and improve fault tolerance with these inexpensive and reliable RAID controllers. We offer multilevel tested RAID cards to ensure maximum performance and smooth workflow.

Excellent discounts and Reasonable Prices

At Server Basket, you’ll find usually expensive Models like Adaptec 8805, Adaptec 128MB, Dell 6-port 64MB, LSI Logic, and other best SATA RAID cards at really low costs in comparison to other sellers in Iran. We offer genuine prices on all RAID card models available and additional discounts on bulk purchases.

Easy And Highly Secure Data Backup Options

Create as many backup options with RAID controllers and secure data as they virtualize the drives which improve performance and redundancy. Used for web servers, servers for applications, and arrays etc., they provide a readily available temporary backup in case of disk failure, data loss, or unexpected malicious cyber attacks.

Select According To Part Numbers

While choosing a RAID controller you need to factor in the number of drives that will be associated with it, and also the kind of RAID cards or levels will those drives support. If you are looking for a particular RAID card, select it from our RAID card list with its part number.

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