Tower Servers In Iran

Are you looking for tower servers to grow your business with good storage, reliability and high performance at reasonable prices? Then, you are at the right place! ServerBasket offers high-quality new and refurbished tower servers from leading brands, including Dell PowerEdge T110 tower server, Dell PowerEdge T20 Mini tower server, HPE ML350 Gen9 tower server, IBM System X3500 M4 5U tower server, and many others.
Tower servers are designed for mid or small-sized businesses as these offer flexibility, great performance, and ease of service. These servers are scalable and offer dynamic processing power to perform multiple tasks concurrently, and fulfill your business requirements to generate the desired revenue. They are built for storing a massive amount of data, and are also capable of preventing the damage caused by heat with their easy cooling capability.

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Robust, Simple, and Customizable Servers

Get tower servers that are not only sturdy ad easy to use, but are also customizable as per your business needs. With such flexibility, you can personalize your new or existing servers as you always wanted. You can get the custom-built server with an upgraded operating system. You can customize hardware spares like hard drives, processor, power supply, server RAM, ethernet cards, etc.

Dynamic Processing Power to Perform Variety Tasks

The tower servers of all the well-known brands have potent processing power and are capable of performing several tasks at a time. You can do multitasking efficiently. Also, these servers with powerful processors will help you boost and speed up your work to get satisfactory results.

Highly Scalable, Numerous Servers Can Add to Existing Network

We offer highly expandable tower servers that help you to add numerous servers to an existing network. The highly scalable HP tower servers can handle rapid changes in workload and users’ demands to grow your business fast. Due to the independent design of tower servers, a greater number of servers can be easily added to the server networks currently being used.

Require Less Maintenance Subsequently

The efficient and power-packed tower servers subsequently need lower maintenance as compared to the other servers. The data can be stored in a single tower rather than multiple machines, hence, they are not to be maintained separately. Tower servers provided by us are well-built and have premium hardware, which lower the maintenance costs and provide better user experience.

Prevent Any Damage with Easy Cooling Capability

With the Tower servers Dell, you get low component density which help them cool down a lot easier than the rack-mounted ones. These servers prevent overheating and any other damage to the internal parts of the server with their easy cooling capabilities. This benefits you with an easy flow of work without harming their parts and causing disturbances to the server system.

Offer Powerful Memory and Massive Storage Options

Our tower servers for small businesses provide an amazing storage capacity to users. For smaller companies with 25-30 employees, a single server with 2 – 3 TB capacity is more than sufficient. Whereas, for a larger organization, the tower server specs can also provide more powerful memory and high data storage space so that all the operations can be handled efficiently.

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