Servers In Iran

servers in iran

Servers are an essential asset required to upgrade and boost IT infrastructure. You need them to virtualize, set up a secure network, efficiently manage your daily tasks, increase productivity and amplify production. And Server Basket is the right place to get your hands on Brand new servers in the market, at low prices. We’re a genuine online store that’s been providing high-end servers and IT services for around a decade and now our services have extended to Iran. Server Basket has a variety of brands and latest server models from Dell, IBM, HP, Cisco and others. You get the best and newest servers that accommodate all business needs, IT infrastructure, gaming and media applications. Not only do we provide New servers but we also offer customization of servers to make your experience hassle free. Additionally, avail free shipping, chargeless installation, 24×7 technical assistance and an assured warranty.

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Latest Hi-speed Servers with Great Performance

All our latest servers are driven by powerful scalable processors from Intel Xeon series and many server models can fit more than one processor. The advanced in-built features and management system make them a great tool to provide higher computing power and increase production, uptime and response times.

Support Memory-Intensive and Graphic-Intensive Applications

We have various servers at your service to address all kinds of workloads and projects. For all kinds of memory and graphic-intensive applications like video streaming, editing, graphic rendering, mining, gaming and others, we have new tower servers, blade and rack servers, at genuine prices to suit your workspace and budget.

Accommodate all kinds of workload demands

Do you need servers for fast file sharing, challenging applications or data centre operations? Do you have an IT startup that needs to establish a centralized and secure network? Even if you’re an enterprise that needs fine-tuned servers to deal with sensitive and high-end operations we got you covered.

Benefit of Customized Configurations with Server Baskets

We offer excellent servers, configured and fine-tuned so that they bring the best computing and efficiency for your business. RAM processor, storage, memory, RAID controllers, drives or any other features you require will be custom configured under the guidance of our technical team who will also assist you in server installation.

Experienced Pre-Sales Assistance Available

We understand that you’ll have questions regarding the products, purchase and pricing, that’s why we offer pre-sales support. Our pre-sales support team will assist you and provide you with a consultation. Obtain quotations from our team. Our pre-sales support is chargeless and available 24×7 now in Iran.

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