Refurbished HP Workstations In Iran

refurbished hp workstations in iran


Need a workstation that runs your graphics-intensive and real-time applications effortlessly? A workstation that is refurbished yet as efficient as a new one? Then you’ve found the right hub. Server Basket hosts a range of Refurbished HP workstations at genuine prices, in Iran. These powerful and reliable used HP workstations run by multi-core Intel Xeon processors and expandable memory and storage features along with high-end graphic cards provide high-quality graphic solutions. They are suitable for startups, SMBs, or expanding businesses. They provide excellent performance and can handle various workloads including AI, real-time simulations, 3D rendering, and many more. Our products are thoroughly tested by senior technicians and are certified to ensure high performance. Buy Refurbished HP workstations from Server Basket and get free delivery anywhere in Iran along with chargeless installation. We also provide pre-sales support and 24×7 technical support.

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Powerful HP Workstations with Advanced GPUs

Gain high-level performance in editing, video rendering, gaming applications through our refurbished HP workstations. With advanced GPUs and Intel Xeon processors, create, edit and render without any interruptions. Equipped with modern graphic cards lIke NVIDIA, QUADRO and AMD, achieve computing required for architecture, engineering, CAD, 3D design, and Machine learning.

Suitable For Video Editing & Rendering

These workstations come with Intel Xeon series processors with multi-core environments and the best graphics capabilities. They also offer scalable RAM and storage options depending on the model. The flexibility offered by these features makes refurbished HP workstations suitable for video rendering, editing applications, and making augmented videos.

Extensive Range Available for Different Workloads

Find a broad range of used HP refurbished desktops at our store and choose the model that best suits your business requirements. Refurbished HP Z workstations ranging from Z200, Z420, Z440, Z640 to Z820, etc. are available for dispatch. Refurbished HP workstations are suitable for multitasking and provide optimum performance.

Built with New Hardware Components

In order to provide refurbished workstations that don’t cut corners, we test them completely and change any faulty hardware during the Refurbishment process. We only use certified parts from HP that are handled by experienced technicians during refurbishment. Buy Refurbished HP workstations from us and get configuration assistance to maximize its functioning.

Tested by Our Experienced Technicians

Refurbished workstations are tested rigorously multiple times under the watchful eye of our technicians. To provide you with a seamless experience with your workstations, they are tested under various parameters and are ISV certified. Before SB certification, We have a 24-hour monitoring system to ensure its performance before delivery.

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