Server Basket Payment Gateway Works:
Now a day, in the world of E-commerce, for developing and running a website the first thing is choosing a safe and secure payment gateway. Payment gateway is nothing but a mediator between the merchant and customer that helps to accept different modes of payment i.e., credit card, debit card, net banking, etc.

We at ServerBasket use EBS (E-billing Solutions) as payment gateway for processing the payments. EBS is the best payment gateway that performs all online purchases done from our website securely without disclosing any of your secured information to external users. We bring together all the payment options accorded by different banks, cash cards, and others into a single platform with minimum technical integration and process the payments related to our products.

The most important thing our EBS payment gateway does is it restricts counterfeit actions and has a personalized experience making it easy for the customers who buy services and products. Since we manage our business on a regular basis, using EBS, we accept all the national as well as international payments by saving a lot of time.

How ServerBasket payment Gateway works?
Once the customer places their order on our website, they choose to check out or pay and are then redirected to a payment page to select their payment option via the EBS payment gateway.
Once after selecting the payment option i.e., credit card or debit card, or net banking, we collect the required card information or net banking details and pass on to the final payment option in a secure way.
From there, our EBS payment gateway processes the transaction and sends all the information to the specific bank for approval.
Once the payment has been confirmed by the bank, the payment gateway sends the approved transaction to us and then we inform the customer that the purchase had been successfully completed via email and text message.
Advantages of our EBS payment gateway:

Ability to go online at any time whenever required to the customer
100% server uptime with multiple bank acquiring without any error pop-ups!
User-friendly payment processing interface
All the information provided will be highly secure and will not be disclosed.
Any online payment option will be accepted without fail.
All the payment process performed within minutes.
We are always available to help you out with our services with this EBS payment integration. If any obstacle comes in between, our service providers are always there to support you.

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