Server Power Supplies

Get Best Deals on Server Power Supplies at Low Prices

Get Best Deals on Server Power Supplies at Low Prices

Do you want the best server power supply to power up the components and supply the right voltage and avoid damaging those expensive components? Then, buy a server power supply from us. We have power supply deals offering the best prices with warranty and free installation and technical support.

Dell Server Power Supply Price List In Kenya:

Supported ServersWattageInput VoltageOutput VoltagePrice
DELL 1425SC, 1600SC, T430450W100-240V36.89A MaxKSH 12,169
DELL R640, R540, R740, T640, T630, R740XD495W100-240V41.25A MaxKSH 12,169
DELL R620, R720, R720XD, T620, R820750W100-240V62.5A MaxKSH 8,936
DELL C4130, R530, R730XD, R740XD, R9401100W100-240V91.6A MaxKSH 12,169

HP Server Power Supply Price List In Kenya:

Supported ServersWattageInput VoltageOutput VoltagePrice
HP DL360p G8, DL380 G7, DL380p G8, ML350 G8750W100-240V62.5A MaxKSH 8,936
HP DL360 G7,DL580 G7, DL585 G7, DL170e G61200W100-240V75A MaxKSH 12,713
HP DL325 G10, DL360 G10, DL380 G10, DL385 G101600W200-240V133.3A MaxKSH 19,228
HP BLc7000 Enclosure2400W200-240V200A MaxKSH 19,228

Without powering up the components inside the server, it does not work, making the power supply an important component. Various types of server power supplies that are available include titanium, platinum, and gold. These power supplies are energy-efficient and compatible with different server models. Using the right power supply when running multiple servers in a rack will help you save on electricity bills. Redundant power supplies reduce server downtime issues. You can upgrade your IT infrastructure by getting the best server power supply from ServerBasket. We test everything stringently and ensure you do not face any power supply failure issues.

What is the Importance of a Power Supply in a Server?

Enables Appropriate Source Current Reaches the Load

Enables Appropriate Source Current Reaches the Load

Planning to buy a server CPU? One of the primary factors you need to consider is adaptability. Our processors are built intelligently to cater to all server environments, thus taking compute density and power efficiency to new heights. With more cores, threads, better clock speed, and thermal design power, these processors can effortlessly adapt to your workloads.

High Benchmark Score and Cost-effectiveness

High Benchmark Score and Cost-effectiveness

Power supplies will regulate the voltage to make sure that the output current remains constant for all the components inside the server. Even when the output voltage changes, the current remains constant without allowing a higher current to pass and cause damage to the components.

Prevention of Voltage Surge with Power Conditioning

Prevention of Voltage Surge with Power Conditioning

Power supplies are equipped with surge suppressors, which will suppress any spike in the voltage and prevent damage to the components, especially the processor and the motherboard. This suppressor diverts the excess voltage to the ground and passes only the required voltage level to different components.

Allows Powering of Load Even When Supply is Disrupted

Redundant power supplies in the server will always keep it server up. When one power supply fails, the other power supply starts to run the server without causing any interruption for the application or website hosted on the server. A redundant power supply keeps your workload running, ensuring business continuity.

Get any Kind of Power Supply You Need

We sell different power supplies to manage your business needs. Different models of power supplies available include variants of Dell PowerEdge power supply, Dell 495W, and HP server power supplies, such as HP 750w, HP 1200W, HP 2400W, and HP 1600W. Every server PSU comes with a warranty.

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Why to buy processors from ServerBasket?

Free Installation Help by Experts

Benefit from the Best Shipping Services

We swiftly and safely ship various models and brands of power supplies to different locations across Kenya, such as Nairobi, Mombasa, and Nakuru.

Installation & Tech Support

24/7 Tech & Installation Support

We offer round-the-clock support and free remote installation support for our customers. If there is any technical issue, our support team responds and fixes the issue immediately.

Covered by 90-Day Warranty

90-day Warranty

A 90-day warranty backs the power supply purchased at ServerBasket. So, if there is any damage to the component, we replace it for free within this duration.

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