Refurbished Workstations


Save your cash and cut down IT investments by purchasing refurbished or used workstations at Server Basket. Browse through our extensive collection of reliable and tested workstations and choose the right one for you. Our catalog includes the Best refurbished workstations from top brands like Dell, HP, IBM, and others in small and compact, and tower chassis. All our used servers undergo a firm refurbishment process and are completely built anew, parts are replaced if required. Yes, we do offer low prices but we never compromise on quality. Our workstations deliver powerful performance and are resilient. They’re capable of handling demanding workloads and multitasking effortlessly. Being embedded with advanced graphic cards these refurbished workstations can be used for designing, game development, media editing, and other high-end graphic applications. Not only do we deliver configured workstations to your doorstep without extra shipping charges, but also offer 24×7 technical assistance to resolve your issues.

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Dell, HP, Cisco, and IBM Refurbished Workstations

We understand that our customers’ requirements differ greatly, that’s why we offer workstation models of various brands. We have HP Z640, HP Z440, HP Z600 and other refurbished HP Z workstations. We also provide models like Dell T7910, Dell T3500, Dell T5600, IBM Lenovo D20, IBM Lenovo D30, and Cisco workstations.

Completely Rebuilt with Fully-tested Parts

Under our expert technicians, the pre-owned workstations are inspected, cleaned to wipe out data, and are installed with new software. We also install new hardware components if required and only use verified banded products. The refurbished workstations are tested at multiple levels to ensure their high performance and stability.

Designed for High-End Graphics and Applications

Get smooth sailing experience in gaming, streaming, and media editing with these workstations as they come along with an impressive GUI. With the presence of NVIDIA, AMD or Intel graphics, and correct configuration, these are quite useful for high-end designing, CAD operations, 3D rendering animations, Adobe Photoshop, corel draw, and many more applications.

High Performance and Reliability

Purchase refurbished workstations at Server Basket and get them configured with us to experience consistent performance and efficiency. Driven by Intel Xeon processors, speedy RAM, scalable storage options, and RAID controllers to manage the hard drives, they can handle HPC tasks like AI, financial analysis, designing, scientific research, etc.

24/7 Technical Assistance from Server Basket

We are dedicated to providing a smooth customer experience for our clients in Kenya. We offer pre-sales consultations and 24×7 technical support. You can report your issues or queries to us through phone, email, or live chat options. Our technical team will respond swiftly and ensure to resolve them at the earliest.

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