Looking to buy computer systems with powerful CPUs, smooth working interfaces and embedded graphical features at low prices? With Server Basket, you’re at the right place. We offer you a wide range of Office workstations from HP, Dell and others at the most competitive prices. Workstations are high-functioning computers with stronger and better processing power some of them are also capable of a performance like that of servers. Workstations have a higher number of cores powered by robust Intel processors from different families. Workstations have integrated advanced graphic and data-processing features and their graphical user interface makes them suitable for operating CAD, 3D rendering and editing applications faster and better. Workstations are also capable of performing and managing data-intensive and scientific applications. High-end workstations for sale are available at Server Basket in Kenya, with the best discounts and additional benefits like free shipping, chargeless installation and 24×7 support.

Built for Intense Processes and Heavy Usage Applications

Our workstations support the strong Intel processors from Xeon, Intel Core and Scalable series and can easily deploy the OS of your choice. The advanced infrastructure of these workstations makes them capable of handling grid computing, image processing, analytics and applications that require high computing power.

Perfectly Designed to Run Multi-user Operating Systems

Workstations are built with high-speed RAM, a dynamic CPU, and a good user interface to support any kind of operating system. Deploy Windows, macOS, Ubuntu or Linux-based OS and gain access to batch sharing, connect to the printer and multi-task with a single operating system. We are Available In Kenya, Nairobi, Mombasa.

Advanced CPUs and Graphics Capabilities

Embedded next-gen AMD and NVIDIA graphical units and high-end Intel processors make workstations suitable for CAD, 3D rendering, visualization and highly convenient to run Adobe Photoshop, Coral draw GIMP and many more. Choose from our wide range of Dell and Hp workstations, each unique with customizable CPU cores and GUI.


Large Storage Capacities for Massive Workloads

From 512 GB offered by HP Elite to 68TB offered by Dell Precision series, we have it all. The HP and Dell workstations support multiple storage drives like SATA, SAS, PCIe, NVMe and SSDs that can expand your storage on demand. They keep the workflow going and have efficient backup space. We deliver In Nairobi, Mombasa.

Ideal Systems for Professionals from All Fields

From students running simple engineering projects to labs working on complex calculations and imagining to enterprise-level activities such as emailing, administrative tasks to high-end Animation, media editing or CAD design, workstations are flexible to suit everyone’s needs. Buy powerful Workstations at the best prices in Kenya from Server Basket today!

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