RAID Controller Card (PCI RAID Card)

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Do your enterprise servers need more storage to fulfill your growing business demands? Explore some of the best RAID controllers available at ServerBasket and achieve maximum performance for your business operations. We have high-quality RAID cards from different brands such as HP RAID controller, Dell RAID controller, etc. These are available at low prices and support your hard drives efficiently to deliver enhanced performance. The RAID cards come in different forms, cache memory capacities, and RAID levels. They ensure data protection and redundancy through mirroring and striping of data over the hard drives while restricting malware, viruses, and hacking attacks. You can restore and backup your data on these drives with other backup options. They are ideal for web hosting companies, financial institutions, cloud service providers, etc. Get reliable and high-end RAID cards from us, along with free technical assistance, great warranty, and free delivery services in Mombasa, Nairobi, and other cities of Kenya.

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Choose among a Wide Range Of RAID Cards

We sell the best RAID cards from different brands including HP and Dell. We offer Dell PERC P420, P410, H830, H810, H730, H710p, H710, etc. for your Dell servers and HP Smart Array controllers for HP servers. Select a RAID that suits your needs, like a Mezzanine module, add-in adapter, or other form factors.

Provides Data Redundancy and Protection

RAID controllers, integrated with advanced features like data mirroring and data guarding, protect your business-critical or sensitive data against malware, viruses, or malicious attacks. They help to maintain data safety and restrict unauthorized access from third-party users. These controllers provide data accessibility at any time.

Enhance your hard drive performance

We provide enterprise-class and affordable RAID controllers for servers that improve storage performance with increased reliability and simplified management. The RAID cards distribute data on the disks while managing the I/O (input/output) operations. These RAID cards improve fault tolerance and offer redundant data storage.

Excellent discounts and Reasonable Prices

At Server Basket, we provide RAID cards at affordable prices and offer discounts on bulk orders and for our long-term clients. Whether you’re purchasing an HP or a Dell RAID controller, with our lower price for even a single RAID controller than the market price, you can reduce the total cost of ownership.

Easy And Highly Secure Data Backup Options

RAID cards ensure data security and high-end performance based on their striping feature, across multiple disks. The supported backup options store your sensitive data safely and restore it whenever you need it. Our RAID cards can help to establish a high-security environment with greater availability of data for intensive transactional databases and other data-based applications.

Select According To Part Numbers

You can choose a particular RAID card as per your business needs and budget limitations. We have a list of different categories, like part numbers, RAID levels, type, and interface, from which you can order a RAID controller that meets your requirements and provides better data protection.

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