100GbE switches

  • Cisco Switches Price List

    • Brand: Cisco Switches
    • Switch Types: Offering a range of options including Modular, Managed, Unmanaged, and Smart Switches
    • Port Options: Available in various configurations, starting from 8 ports and scaling up to over 1000 ports
    • Port Speeds: Supports a wide range of port speeds, including 1GbE, 10GbE, 25GbE, 40GbE, 100GbE, and beyond
    • Reliable Warranty: Backed by a trusted warranty for your peace of mind
    • 24/7 Technical Support: Access to round-the-clock technical assistance whenever you need it
    • Free Online Configuration Assistant
    • Rapid Delivery: Enjoy quick and efficient delivery to any location in Ghana
    GHS 1,519GHS 1,609

    Cisco Switches Price List

    GHS 1,519GHS 1,609
  • Juniper Switches Price List

    • Brand: Juniper Switches
    • Types of Switches: Modular switches, Managed switches, Unmanaged switches, & Smart switches
    • ports: 8, 16, 24 to over 1000 ports
    • Port Speeds: 1GbE, 10GbE, 25GbE, 40GbE, 100GbE and more
    • Rapid Delivery Across Ghana
    • 1-Year Assured Warranty
    • 24/7 Technical Support
    • Free Remote Installation Assistance
    GHS 1,519GHS 1,599

    Juniper Switches Price List

    GHS 1,519GHS 1,599
  • MikroTik Switches Price List

    • Brand: MikroTik Switches
    • Switch Types: Modular, Managed, Unmanaged, and Smart Switches
    • ports: 8, 16, 24 to over 1000 ports
    • Port Speeds Available: 1GbE, 10GbE, 25GbE, 40GbE, 100GbE, and Beyond
    • 1-Year Assured Warranty
    • 24/7 Technical Support
    • Free Online Installation Assistance
    • Fast Delivery Across Ghana
    GHS 1,519GHS 1,599

    MikroTik Switches Price List

    GHS 1,519GHS 1,599

Do you have a large company that requires high-speed communication and the delivery of information without interruption? Buy 100GbE Network Switches of ServerBasket Online Shops at an Affordable Price. These high-speed switches are available in multiple leading brands like Cisco, Juniper, Arista, Fortinet, Mellonax, MikroTik, Broadcom, etc. These 100GbE network switches are perfect for large and medium-scale businesses. Thus, users can share bulk data within seconds. With this high-speed switch, you can deploy applications based on cloud computing, High-performance computing, Artificial intelligence, big data analytics, etc. Buy this 100GbE Network Switch from SB stores in Ghana(Accra, Sunyani, and Kumasi). Benefits include simple returns, free shipping, a one-year warranty, and tech support when shopping with us.


Choose from the Broad Range of 100GbE Switches from Different Manufacturers

Choose different models of 100GbE network switches in the ServerBasket online store. These switches are available here in different brands like Cisco (Catalyst 9500 & 9600 series), Juniper(QFX5130 Switches), Arista (Arista 7300X3 Series), Fortinet, Aruba (Networking CX 8325), Broadcom, MikroTik, Mellonax ( Nvidia SN 2700 Spectrum 100GbE ), etc. These switches are helpful to run your applications.

Free Shipping Across Ghana

ServerBasket delivery partners are available across the entire country – with the most active cities including Accra, Sunyani, and Kumasi. If you are not able to purchase your product through your local retailer, you can expect to get it delivered within three to five days. We also offer a 7-day return policy if our product does not meet your business needs within seven days after purchase.


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