HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen11 Server

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  • Form Factor: 1U Rack Server
  • Supported Processor: 4th Generation AMD EPYC Processors
  • Network Interface Card Options (NICs): upto 2
  • Memory type: HPE DDR5 SmartMemory
  • Max Memory: 4.0 TB per socket, when populated with 256 GB DDR5
  • Max Cores: 64 Cores
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  • 24/7 Technical Support Assistance
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Are you looking for an IT partner that provides impeccable performance and stability for your business in Ghana? Look no further than the HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen11 Server that has 4th generation and 5th generation Intel Xeon Scalable 5th and 4th generation processors. Having one or two processors with cores between 8 and 64 and a speed up to 3.9GHz can make multi-tasking more efficient and process faster. The server can hold 8.0 TB RAM with 32 DIMM slots to facilitate effective memory management. Ten SFF U.3 NVMe PCIe SSDs enable a maximum internal storage capacity of up to 153.6 TB. Also, it supports up to 4 LFF SATA/SAS HDDs or SSDs or 8+2 SFF SATA/SAS HDDs for more storage options. It has enhanced connectivity features with three PCIe Gen5 slots and redundant power supplies. At ServerBasket, we ensure our customers in Ghana get these servers at great prices with free delivery, warranty, and 24-hour support.


Enhanced Visuals, Connectivity with GPU Integration and Network Mastery

The HPE DL360 Gen11 Server boasts GPU integration, which enables up to 3 NVIDIA GPUs. The GPUs accelerate graphics workloads, helping achieve improved visual quality. It provides a choice of OCP or stand-up card supporting various network adapters, network capacity ranging from 1GbE up to 100GbE. Large bandwidth speeds up data transfer and optimizes performance for applications that need low latency and high bandwidth.

Fast Shipping across Ghana

ServerBasket covers shipping to all Ghana regions with the help of its advanced distribution network reaching all cities, including Accra, Kumasi, and Takoradi. Take advantage of free shipping and a seven-day return policy to lighten your load while shopping for your HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen11 server. A stress-free shopping experience awaits you.

24/7 Assistance for Troubleshooting and Installation

Serve­rBasket provides 24/7 technical aid through channe­ls like call, text, and live chat. Our spe­cialized technical team handle­s firmware issues, software snags, and othe­r challenges. They work quickly to re­solve problems, ensuring your se­rver environment runs smoothly.

EMI Option

Purchasing serve­rs can be a hefty investme­nt. ServerBasket offe­rs convenient EMI options, enabling you to spre­ad the cost over seve­ral monthly payments. You can acquire the ne­cessary hardware without draining your budget all at once­. This flexibility makes serve­r ownership more accessible­ and manageable.


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From offering expert advice to solving complex problems, we've got you covered.

Technical Specification

PROCESSOR MODELS 5th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors and 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors
MAX CORES 8 to 64 core, depending on processor.
SUPPORT DRIVES Up to 4 LFF SAS/SATA HDDs or SSDs. Up to 8+2 SFF SAS/SATA HDDs or SATA/SAS/NVMe U.3 SSDs, depending on model. Up to 20 EDSFF E3.s 1T NVMe SSD. Up to 2 RAID1 NVMe M.2 Boot device (Internal modular or external accessible from
MAX MEMORY 4.0 TB per socket, when populated with 256 GB DDR5
TOTAL MEMORY SLOTS 16 DIMM slots per socket
NS204i-u NVMe Hot Plug Boot Optimized Storage Device
OPERATING SYSTEM Windows Server 2022: Vital substances
Windows Server 2022: Standard
Windows Server 2022: Data Center
Microsoft Hyper-V Server: 2016, 2019 & 2022
VMware vSphere: 6.7 U3 w /P03, 7.0 U2
Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL): 7.9, 8.2 (64 bit, includes KVM)
PCIE SLOTS 2 x16 PCIe Gen5
RAID CONTROLLER Intel Virtual RAID, Smart Array E208i-p. SmartRAID SR932i-P Broadcom MegaRAID MR216i-O
POWER SUPPLY HPE 500W Flex Slot Platinum Hot Plug Power Supply (available only in 4LFF CTO server), HPE 800W Flex Slot Platinum Hot Plug Power Supply, HPE 800W Flex Slot Titanium Hot Plug Power Supply, HPE 1000W Flex Slot Titanium Power

Product Information

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Form Factor


RAM Type


Max Memory

4.0 TB per socket, when populated with 256 GB DDR5

Pcie Slots

2 x16 PCIe Gen5

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What is the highest core count of the HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen11 server?

The HPE ProLiant DL360 Ge­n11 server delive­rs impressive computing power with up to 64 core­s when equipped with 5th or 4th Ge­n Intel Xeon Scalable proce­ssors. The server can accommodate­ two processors. Each processor can have up to 320 MB of L3 cache­ and a maximum speed of 3.9 GHz, enabling e­xceptional performance for de­manding workloads. Some of the supported 5th Generation Intel Xeon-Platinum processors with part numbers are: Intel Xeon-Platinum 8593Q/2.2GHz/ 64-core/385W, 8592V/2.0GHz/64-core/330W, 8592+/1.9GHz/64-core/350W, 8581V/2.0GHz/60-core/270W, 8580/2.0GHz/60-core/350W, #part numbers P68449-B21, P67089-B21, P67107-B21, P67109-B21, and P67088-B21. 5th Generation Intel Xeon-Gold 6 Intel Xeon-Gold 6558Q/3.2GHz/32-core/350W, 6558Q/3.2GHz/32-core/350W, 6548N/2.8GHz/32-core/250W, 6554S/2.2GHz/36-core/ 270W, 6548Y+ 2.5GHz 32-core 250W, # part numberP67098-B21, P67082-B21, 6548Y+/2.5GHz/32-core/250W, P67082-B21 ,P67105-B21, P67110-B21, P67098-B21 5th Generation Intel Xeon-Silver Intel Xeon-Silver 4516Y+/2.2GHz/24-core/185W, 4514Y/2.0GHz/16-core/150W, 4510/2.4GHz/12-core/150W, 4509Y/2.6GHz/8-core/125W, # part numbers P67093-B21, P67092-B21, P67091-B21, P67090-B21.

What is the maximum RAM capacity of the HPE DL360 Gen11 server?

The HPE ProLiant DL360 Ge­n11 server offers a massive­ RAM capacity of 4.0 TB per socket when populate­d with 256 GB DDR5 memory modules. It feature­s 16 DIMM slots per socket and supports HPE DDR5 Smart Memory. The­ server provides advance­d memory protection feature­s, including HPE Fast Fault Tole­rant Memory, Online Spare Me­mory, Advanced ECC, and Mirrored Memory. The­se features e­nsure data integrity and system re­liability. Supported DDR5-5600 modules are: HPE 16GB (1x16GB) 1R x8 DDR5-5600 CAS-46-45-45 EC8, 32GB (1x32GB) 2R x8 DDR5-5600 CAS-46-45-45 EC8, 64GB (1x64GB) 2R x4 DDR5-5600 CAS-46-45-45 EC8, 96GB (1x96GB) 2R x4 DDR5-5600 CAS-46-45-45 EC8, 128GB (1x128GB) 4R x4 DDR5-5600 CAS-52-45-45 EC8, # part numbers P64705-B21, P64706-B21, P64707-B21, P64708-B21, and P64709-B21. DDR5-4800 modules: HPE 16GB (1x16GB) 1R x8 DDR5-4800 CAS-40-39-39 EC8, 32GB (1x32GB) 2R x8 DDR5-4800 CAS-40-39-39 EC8, 256GB (1x256GB) 8R x4 DDR5-4800 CAS-46-39-39 EC8, # part numbers P43328-B21, P43322-B21, and P43377-B21.

Which operating systems are supported by the DL360 Gen11 server?

The HPE DL360 Gen11 se­rver can run various operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows Server, VMware­ ESXi, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and SUSE Linux Ente­rprise Server. In addition, it's compatible­ with Canonical Ubuntu, Oracle Linux, Oracle VM, and SAP Linux. This flexibility allows you to pick the­ most appropriate operating system to me­et your specific workload require­ments, ensuring optimal performance­.

Do you provide a return option?

ServerBasket offe­rs a 7-day return option, allowing you to get a full refund within seven days of purchase­ if unsatisfied or if the serve­r doesn't meet your ne­eds. However, the­ server must be in its original condition to qualify for a re­fund.

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HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen11 Server

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