DELL Rack Servers

dell rack servers

Are you looking for a wide range of servers to support your virtualization, common business, and database applications? If yes, check out the list of dell rack server prices on Server Basket and choose the required one according to your business requirements. We provide rack servers, like Dell R710Dell R740, R620, etc., at more discounted prices. They come with advanced technologies to support the advanced infrastructure and meet the increased storage needs with the embedded RAID controllers. Rack servers are flexible configurations to ensure reliable performance and achieve business outcomes based on growing needs. The faster NVMe integrates with Dell servers, providing expansion storage capabilities. They offer greater performance when running heavy-end memory applications without compromising increased memory speeds. The backup and remote access options make your business more effective and protective against data loss. We offer free delivery services across Kenya, including Mombasa, Nairobi, etc.

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Deliver Powerful Performance and Flexible Configurations

The built-in scalable infrastructure of R710 servers ensures high-end performance with a secure environment. You can have the flexibility of upgrading the storage and memory to meet the IT transformation and future demands. The automated intelligence and advanced features make the rack servers unique for business growth.

Centralized Backup and Remote Access Capabilities

You can recover the business-critical data quickly with the centralized backup feature of Dell rack server r740 servers if any disasters or sudden failures occur. The business operations can be monitored and managed effectively, which would reduce the IT operational costs involved in the business.

Best Integrated RAID Controllers

Dell Rack Server R740 supports RAID cards that deliver excellent storage-intensive, database, and digital media applications. The RAID controllers allow meeting the storage demands for future business growth. They provide reliable and optimum performance under heavy and compute storage workloads while achieving business productivity.

High-end Servers for Advanced IT Infrastructure

Rack servers are well-suited for advanced infrastructure or data centers with increased productivity. They are established with Intel Xeon or AMD processors and RAM to process the business workflows and upgrade the platform based on the transformation needs with the enhanced in-built technologies and systems.

Enhanced with Faster NVMe Storage Options

Dell R620 server is compatible with NVMe options for expanding the storage capacities. You can choose the flexible storage configuration or customized options suitable for all business applications. They make the servers robust and effective to achieve sustainable business outcomes with reliable performance and efficacy.

Greater Memory Speeds for Demanding Workloads

Our Dell servers deliver accelerated performance for memory-intensive workloads, including small or large enterprise applications. The excellent outputs will be provided for all business-critical workloads with efficient storage and high-end performance. These servers can handle greater workloads efficiently for small to large enterprise systems.

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