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Tower Servers Price List

Dell PowerEdge T430 Tower Server (Basic) 12 core / 24 vCPU (Intel Xeon Processor E5-2673 v3) 2X8GB DDR4 1X1TB SAS(3.5) 7.2K RPM KSh. 120,399.00
Dell PowerEdge T440 Tower Server (Basic) 10 Core / 20vCPU (Single Intel Xeon Silver 4210R Processor / 2.4 GHz) 32GB 2 x 480GB SATA SFF SSD / 2 x 2TB 3.5 inch 7.2K RPM, 6Gbps SAS Hot Plug Enterprise Hard Drive KSh. 555,799.00
Dell PowerEdge T430 Tower Server (Standard) 12 core / 24 vCPU (Intel Xeon Processor E5-2673 v3) 4X8GB DDR4 1X2TB SAS (3.5) 7.2K RPM KSh. 124,799.00
Dell PowerEdge T440 Tower Server (Reliable) 20 Core / 40VCPU (Dual Intel Xeon Silver 4210R Processor / 2.4 GHz) 64GB 2 x 480GB SATA SFF SSD / 2 x 2TB 3.5 inch 7.2K RPM, 6Gbps SAS Hot Plug Enterprise Hard Drive KSh. 695,699.00


Do you need a simple and customizable solution for efficiently running your business applications in small to medium-sized environments? The best option is to go for tower servers as they don’t need a dedicated data center room and provide strong processing capabilities. At Server Basket, you can find different brands of tower servers, like HP tower servers, Dell tower servers, IBM tower servers, etc. They can be configured and customized as per your organizational needs. You can quickly scale the tower server specs and add an unlimited number of servers into the existing environment to meet growing business demands. These servers are able to perform numerous tasks simultaneously with their advanced computing. The servers easily handle memory-intensive and data-storage applications as they give the flexibility to enhance storage and memory. They don’t require IT maintenance and restrict hardware damages with their easy cooling features. Get tower servers from us at affordable prices in addition to technical support, 3-year warranty, and quick delivery across Kenya.

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Robust, Simple, and Customizable Servers

We have a list of tower servers for sale on our website that come with simple and robust design, and technologies with customizable features, suited to diverse business needs. To get customized tower servers, you can share your requirements with us, including the size of RAM, number of processors, RAID cards, OS, Storage, etc.

Highly Scalable, Numerous Servers Can Add to Existing Network

As scalability is a crucial element for growing businesses, tower servers are a logical and ideal choice for small businesses because they keep costs down and meet the business requirements efficiently. The IT teams can quickly scale or upgrade the tower server configurations without impacting the existing servers. These servers help the enterprises to remain flexible and adaptable.

Dynamic Processing Power to Perform Variety of Tasks

Tower servers provide high processing power with support for powerful one-socket or two-socket processor configurations that can effectively handle high-computing business tasks. We have different types of tower servers for all businesses, you can choose the required one per your business needs, like sharing files, hosting a website, or virtualizing without compromising on performance.

Require Less Maintenance Subsequently

Tower servers can be easier to manage and deploy in the IT infrastructure of your organization. They allow the administrators to perform the strategic priority tasks that can be used to achieve business growth instead of focusing on server maintenance. Being sturdy, stable and durable, these servers perform well for a long time without requiring frequent maintenance.

Prevent Any Damage with Easy Cooling Capability

Tower servers enable lower component density, which allows the hardware parts to be cooled quickly. It ensures smoother functioning of servers with cooling capabilities that reduce overheating and enhance server lifetime by limiting the hardware components’ failure. You can accomplish the tasks reliably without any delay or server downtime issues.

Offer Powerful Memory and Massive Storage Options

If your business demands higher storage and memory requirements, purchase our tower servers that support huge mixed storage that allows you to add more hard disks, RAID controllers, SAS, and SATA drives to expand the storage capacity. Increase memory to operate memory-intensive, business intelligence, ERP, HPC, and database applications with improved processing speeds and seamless performance.

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