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Want the best performance and high computing power with a touch of advanced graphical features to maximise your creative power? Dell workstations are just the right product for you. Dell Precision workstations are embedded with highly potent Xeon CPUs, well built cooling systems, scalable memory, and multiple storage options to handle diverse and demanding workloads. Dell workstations offer high graphical interface and performance with the NextGen AMD and NVIDIA graphics. They’re VR and AI ready and support visualisation smoothly. Dell workstations are highly capable of handling CAD, 3D rendering and substantially support scientific applications. These workstations come in both rack and tower chassis. Buy Dell workstations online now at ServerBasket! We provide the high-performing Dell workstations at cheapest prices, and deliver them right to your doorstep in Kenya. Our services extend to workstation customization, free shipping, chargeless installation and 24×7 customer support.

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Rack and Tower Workstations from Dell

Dell workstations come in rack and tower form factors to fit all your business needs, even space constraints. Models from Precision R3930 to 2U R7920 and R7910 are readily available. Our collection also covers a wide range of Dell Precision tower workstations including T7810, T5820, T7400, T7910 and others.

Maximum Performance with Powerful Processors

Keep your tasks running nonstop with Dell workstations powered by Intel Xeon series of processors, including the Scalable generation. They’re highly compatible and display enterprise-level functions through a high-end multi core environment. They have built-in cooling systems to dissipate heat and maintain thermal stability to prevent overheating and enhance overall performance.

Extreme Computing for Demanding Applications

CAD, 3D designing and analytical workloads or any intensive editing apps do require quick computing and efficiency. Dell workstations are more than capable of supporting such demanding workloads with their powerful CPU cores, advanced memory and storage, and are designed to meet the intense processing and performance requirements.

High-end Graphics and Fast Memory

Maximize graphics related workloads and enhance digital creativity with the hi-tech AMD and NVIDIA graphic cards and faster memory speed. They’re capable of running, designing and editing software effortlessly. They support demanding visualization, CAD and engineering projects arduously. They are designed to boost execution.

Customizable and Scalable Workstations

Customization is super convenient with the latest Dell workstations. You have the option of customising the CPU and the number of processors for your specific requirements. RAM and storage are highly scalable, they have multiple storage options to expand storage on demand. Contact our pre-sales team to customize your workstation better.

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