KVM Private Cloud

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  • Scheduling and resource control
  • Lower latency and higher prioritization
  • Performance and scalability
  • Live migration
  • Memory management
  • Hardware support
  • High Security

Do you need an affordable private cloud hosting for high-performance virtualization?  Get KVM private cloud solution at low prices only at ServerBasket for excellent hosting, security, as well as scalability. We provide you with customizable infrastructure, with dynamic allocation of resources for highly functional VMs with near-native performance. KVM supports security-enhanced Linux (SELinux) policies for optimal security along with management tools for improved responsiveness. ServerBasket offers customers in Kenya with dedicated technical support, uptime guarantee at 99.99%, migration assistance to KVM private cloud environment, and comprehensive backup solutions for data protection. Don’t delay, request a quote now!

Exceptional Performance with KVM Hypervisor

Enjoy latency-proof virtualization with KVM private cloud hosting to smoothly run your mission-critical workloads. It provides support for various guest OS, like Windows and Linux, to match your computing needs. We also offer live migration of VMs with zero interruption in your services, ensuring better load balancing and glitch-free disaster recovery.

Improved Compliance and Unparalleled Security

Enjoy unmatched visibility into your data handling processes, and easily meet compliance with the various industry standards with our hosting. Equipped with SELinux policies, it gives you the essential mandatory access control for optimal security at the kernel level. You can enjoy the isolation with optimal control for better hosting confidence.


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