LAN Card (Ethernet Card/ NIC Card) in Kenya

Get High-end Ethernet Card at Low Prices

Get High-end Ethernet Card at Low Prices

Get reliable Ethernet cards to connect your server or other devices to the network at Server Basket. We offer a wide range of Ethernet cards at reasonable prices. The best 10gb ethernet card supports servers from all brands, making them respond to requests briskly and answer the client queries with no delays.

High-speed connectivity is required to connect to the server and other computers on the network to transfer or fetch data. This is possible through the server LAN card. Having it connected to the servers and network lets you transfer data at a jet speed. The higher bandwidth cards are beneficial to run virtualization software, social networking apps, databases, web cloud computing, and so on, on the server. Our NIC card price is budget-friendly for companies and data centers that want to upgrade their infrastructure and maintain flawless communication between devices.

What are the benefits of using an Ethernet card?

Faster Connection Speed

Faster Connection Speed

The key benefit of a 10gb network card is that it allows you to transfer data very swiftly. It allows you to achieve transfer speeds up to 10gb and beyond. If at all you want to transfer a lot of data, having the best ethernet card allows you to complete the task in a few hours rather than taking days.

Safe and Efficient Network

Safe and Efficient Network

A PCIe Ethernet card offers better safety for the data you transfer over a network. Users can access data on the Ethernet only when the device is physically attached to the network. When unauthorized user tries to access it through their devices, you can block them with ease. An Ethernet network adapter assures a stable Ethernet connection and high-speed Internet for all devices.

Connection of Many Peripheral Devices

Connection of Many Peripheral Devices

A PCI express LAN card can be connected to multiple peripheral devices like switches, printers, and computers for data exchange and to attain better communication without any interruptions. Many businesses are using this card to maintain strong communication between external devices and other departments.

Sharing of More Data Among Multiple Users

The dual LAN card assures top-rated data transfer among multiple user devices. It boosts speed and transfers data to the destined device without any noise or lag. The Ethernet protocols such as PAM3 will cut down the signal-to-noise ratio and maintain high-quality data transfers within the company, using ethernet connectivity.

Wide Collection of LAN Cards

There is a myriad of LAN cards available with ServerBasket such as an Intel 10gb network card, a 4 port LAN card, and others. You can buy the best 10gb network card for your organization to maintain a stable Ethernet connection and have quick and hassle-free data transfers. These consume less power and transfer data at higher speeds to shorter distances.

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Why to buy processors from ServerBasket?

Free Installation Help by Experts

Secure and On-time Delivery

We safely deliver the Ethernet card you order with us to your address on time. We offer delivery to different places in Kenya such as Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, and other locations.

Installation & Tech Support

Technical and Installation Assistance

There are a set of instructions required to install an ethernet card. Our support team will help you with the installation and resolve any hardware issues that you may face.

Covered by 90-Day Warranty

90-day Warranty Cover

If you encounter any issue with the Ethernet card or repairs, you can get a replacement for free until 90 days from the date of purchase instantly.

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