10G LAN Cards

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Looking for an ultrafast ethernet backbone to boost your network bandwidth? Try our 10G LAN cards today! These NIC cards allow your server or computer to connect to LAN faster and Improve network performance with long-distance access. At ServerBasket, we have different types of 10G ethernet cards that are compatible with different Servers like Dell, IBM, Cisco, and other brands. Our collection includes both PCIe network cards and server network cards, in dual and quad ports. Upgrade your network today with 10G LAN cards and enhance the performance of virtualization applications including large file transfers, editing, server caching, cloud computing, and many more. At Server Basket, you’ll find the best 10G LAN cards available at low costs with extra discounts for bulk orders. Find your ideal 10G ethernet card at Server Basket and claim services like a 90-day warranty, free delivery all over Kenya, and 24×7 customer support.

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Fastest Data Transfer with 10GBE Speed

These 10G LAN cards are recommended to enhance network speed and scalability. Transfer data files faster with 10Gbps speed. Improve the productivity of high-speed network applications in data centers, IT virtualization, cloud environments, etc. 10G cards with Intel X55-AT chipset provide dependable connectivity through single, 4, or more PCIe slots.

Modules for Fiber & RJ45 10G Cards

1OG cards can support 40kms on a single node and 300 meters on multi nodes. You can pick from the fiber or RJ45 modules according to your requirement. Short-range models like Intel 2 ports, Intel X710-DA4 Quad, Intel X520-DA2, Dell X520-DA2, SFP and SFP+ modules are readily available for dispatch.

10G Cards for All Server & Workstation Brands

We have HP ethernet cards, Intel 10GB LAN cards in dual and quad ports. LAN cards for Dell, Cisco, and Supermicro servers are also available. Our collection includes most of the trusted server brands, however. If there’s a specific model needed, let us know and we’ll acquire it for you.

Best option for Virtualized Environments

Server Basket’s 10G LAN cards are not only capable of delivering 10Gbps speed but are suitable for virtualization also as they support various operating systems like Windows, Red Hat Enterprise, Linux, Citrix, VMware, and others. These high-performing ethernet cards are simply affordable and come with good deals at Server Basket.

Extremely High Networking performance

Whether it is high-performance computing or faster data transfers, 10G LAN cards can effectively support the connectivity high-end applications need. Get 10 times faster speed and better network for data-intensive applications for video editing, analysis, designing, data clustering, real-time applications, and many others.

Provides maximum power, scalability & flexibility

We test the 10G LAN in multiple levels to ensure that they deliver maximum performance. They’re quite scalable and flexible to integrate with any server to deliver designated bandwidth. The dual and quad slots allow you to use transceivers that suit your network well and are compatible with most of the SFP+ receivers.

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