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If you’re planning to buy powerful and reliable servers but at half the price, then you’re at the right stop. Server Basket in Kenya provides the best of Dell refurbished servers that are designed to be user-friendly and innovative. Wide range of models to choose from our catalogue and a readily available pre-sales team for you to get started and help you procure a proper quotation is what we offer. Dell servers are known for their robust performance and scalable memory, backup and smart management. Their RAID controllers strengthen network security and iDRAC allows remote access and management of your servers from anywhere. Dell servers are designed to support workloads of SMBs to enterprises alike, with good redundancy. The advanced and readily available storage features make them a great choice to scale your productivity. Our certified Dell refurbished servers are now available for sale in Nairobi, Mombasa and other cities too!

Dell Refurbished Servers Price In Kenya:

Server ModelCoresMemoryStoragePrice
Dell PowerEdge R630 E5-2673 v3
2x12 (24 Cores / 48 Threads)
64GB (4X16GB) DDR42 x 600GB 2.5-inch 10K RPMKSH 173,043
Dell PowerEdge R620 Intel Xeon E5-2670 v2
2x10 (20 Core / 40 Threads)
64GB (8X8GB) DDR32 x 600GB 2.5-inch 10K RPMKSH 88,504
Dell PowerEdge R740Silver 4114
2x10 (20 Cores / 40 Threads)
64GB (2X32GB) DDR4 2 x 600GB 2.5-inch 10K RPMKSH 455,050
Dell PowerEdge R730E5-2673 v3
2x12 (24 Cores / 48 Threads)
128GB (4 X 32GB) DDR42 x 600GB 2.5-inch 10K RPMKSH 277,875
Dell PowerEdge R730xdE5-2673 v3
2x12 (24 Cores / 48 Threads)
64GB (4 X 16GB) DDR42 x 600GB 2.5-inch 10K RPMKSH 254,183
Dell PowerEdge R740xdSilver 4114
2x10 (24 Cores / 48 Threads)
128GB (4 X 32GB) DDR42 x 600GB 2.5-inch 10K RPMKSH 374,776
Dell PowerEdge R720 Intel Xeon E5-2670 v2
2x10 (20 Core / 40 Threads)
64GB (8 X 8GB) DDR32 x 600GB 2.5-inch 10K RPMKSH 88,504
Dell PowerEdge R840 Gold 6130
4 x 16 (64 Cores / 112 Threads)
64GB (4X32GB) DDR42 x 600GB 2.5-inch 10K RPMKSH 928,560
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Complete Range of Refurbished Dell Rack Servers

At Server Basket, you’ll find the complete range of refurbished Dell rack servers from 1U to 4U. There’s the Poweredge series with Quad, Hexa and octa cores, scalable storage and good DDR4 memory to improve response times. We assure that the Refurbished servers have sturdy hardware, and function at their peak performance.

Deliver High Processing Power for Improved Performance

We at Server Basket don’t compromise server performance. Our Dell refurbished servers undergo a stringent cleaning and restoration process to deliver without undermining performance, just like new servers. These servers come with Intel core technology and advanced features to readily address your high computing tasks and critical workloads.

Advanced Features and Flexible Storage Capacity

Dell servers are designed to grow with your business, the storage capacity is expandable, even in our refurbished servers. You can customize the drive types and capacities to get the kind of storage you want. These servers do retain the integrated security and auto management features to upgrade your IT network.

Excellent Memory For Virtualization

You can always maximize your RAM and improve memory to support your virtualization needs. At Server Basket, you can customize your refurbished Dell server with suitable DDR4 memory to keep your virtual environments running with reduced latency. Set up a centralized network and remotely access it with iDRAC technology.

Designed for All Kinds of Workloads

Dell servers are designed to assist everyday business activities like emailing, file sharing, data management and also support HPC, I/O based operations, collaborative applications all while reducing energy cost and time. SMB or Enterprise, we’ll help fix you up with our best Dell refurbished server your business requires, with care.

24/7 Chat Support Available

Our support team is constantly available for you round the clock. You can reach out anytime through email and phone for support, consultation and purchase. We now offer Dell Refurbished servers for sale at amazing deals in Kenya, with additional benefits of free installations, 24×7 technical support and free delivery.

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