Refurbished Dell PowerEdge R810 Server

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  • Dell PowerEdge R810 Rack Server
  • Form Factor: 2U Rack Server
  • Supported Processor: 8-core Intel Xeon 7500 or 6500 series, 10 core Intel Xeon E7-2800, E7-4800 and E7-8800 product family
  • No. of Processors: 4
  • Max Cores: 40 Cores
  • Max Memory: 1TB DDR3
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Refurbished DELL R810 Price List in Kenya

Server ModelCoresMemoryStoragePrice
Dell PowerEdge R810 Rack Server (Enterprise)20 Core / 40 vCPU ( Dual Intel Xeon 2670v2/ 2.40 GHz) 384GB DDR3 2 x 600 GB 2.5-inch SAS HDD (1.2 TB) KSh. 144,199.00
Dell PowerEdge R810 Rack Server (Business)20 Core / 40 vCPU ( Dual Intel Xeon 2670v2/ 2.40 GHz) 256GB DDR3 2 x 600 GB 2.5-inch SAS HDD (1.2 TB) KSh. 116,199.00
Dell PowerEdge R810 Rack Server (Growth)20 Core / 40 vCPU ( Dual Intel Xeon 2670v2/ 2.40 GHz) 128GB DDR3 2 x 600 GB 2.5-inch SAS HDD (1.2 TB) KSh. 86,399.00
Dell PowerEdge R810 Rack Server (Starter)20 Core / 40 vCPU ( Dual Intel Xeon 2670v2/ 2.40 GHz) 64GB DDR3 2 x 600 GB 2.5-inch SAS HDD (1.2 TB) KSh. 77,699.00

Scalable Design to Accommodate Future Growth Effortlessly

The refurbished Dell R810 server provides performance and 2U rack density in a scalable design supporting various popular business and database applications. There is a lot of flexibility to scale without difficulty as your business expands, thanks to the help of two or four CPUs, high-capacity memory modules, and a significant amount of storage.

Efficient Resource Utilization for Virtualization Applications

The Dell PowerEdge R810 delivers performance and enables workload consolidation or high virtualization machine density. The FlexMem Bridge Technology provides computing power, and additional memory per processor satisfies the increased memory need of database and virtualization applications. Modern processors can handle enormous workloads and several usage patterns, like visualization, without frequently running into memory capacity problems before the processors reach a saturation point.


Remote Server Administration and Management Capabilities

The Dell PowerEdge R810 iDRAC Express with LifeCycle Controller’s features allows administrators to manage the server locally or remotely. The integrated iDRAC module supports out-of-band system administration, deployment, and updating using a regular browser. To enable iDRAC and store server provisioning data, an Enterprise license activates an optional dedicated vFlash SD card.

Redundant Components to Minimize Downtime Risks

The Dell R810 MotherBoard was created with one goal: simplifying your life. With its integrated two SD modules used for hypervisor redundancy and processor-level Intel Advanced RAS Technology, it supports DDR3 speeds of up to 1066 MT/s and offers extremely high dependability. The robustness of this Dell server and redundant parts reduce downtime for tasks essential to business operations.

Key Features:

The Dell PowerEdge R810 offers amazing power in a compact 2U rack mount form factor, scalability with 32 slots for memory, 40 processor cores, and six PCIe G2 extension ports. It was created for businesses to handle processing-intensive workloads or virtualization needs. Technology that is essential for memory-intensive and high-demand applications was used in their design


Impressive Memory Capacity for Demanding Operations

The Dell PowerEdge R810 supports up to 1 TB of DDR3 ECC by filling the 32 DIMM slots in different capacities. Dell PowerEdge R810 memory configuration is excellent for demanding tasks and memory-intensive applications.

PERC RAID Controller Options for Better Data Security

The Dell R810 RAID configuration covers the entire range of RAID choices. It supports PERC H700 and H200 internal controllers, and PERC H800 external controllers , compatible with various RAID modes.

Graphics Capabilities for Visual-intensive Tasks

The Dell R810 graphics card supports 2D graphics with an integrated video subsystem, Matrox G200, added as a functionality on the iDRAC6. It can greatly boost performance with visual computing solutions and a performance-optimized architecture.

Intelligent Power Management for Energy Efficiency

Power management capabilities that enable power limiting, inventory, and budgeting in your particular environment are included in the Dell PowerEdge R810 power consumption design developed with Energy Smart Technology, which helps keep the server cool.

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Technical Specifications

Brand DELL
Server Model PowerEdge R810
Form Factor 2U Rack Mount
Processor Models Eight-core Intel Xeon 7500 or 6500 series, Ten-core Intel Xeon E7-2800, E7-4800 and E7-8800 product family
No of Processors 2 or 4
Max Cores 40 Cores
Ram Type DDR3
Support RAM’s 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, or 32GB
Max Memory 1TB
Total Memory Slots 32 DIMM's
Graphics Card Matrox G200eW
Hard drives(hot-plug) Up to 6 hot-plug 2.5” SATA SSD, SAS, nearline SAS, or SATA drives, 2.5” SATA SSD, SAS (10K, 15K), nearline SAS (7.2K), SATA (7.2K)
Fusion-io 640GB ioDrive Duo PCIe solid state storage card
Fusion-io 640GB ioDrive Mono PCIe solid state storage card
Fusion-io 320GB ioDrive Mono PCIe solid state storage card
Fusion-io 1.28TB ioDrive Mono PCIe solid state storage card
Operating System Microsoft Windows Server 2012
Novell SUS Linux Enterprise Server
Red Hat Enterprise Linux
PCIe slots 6 PCIe 2.0 slots + 1 storage slot
Five x8 slots
One x4 slot
One storage x4 slot
RAID controllers PERC H200 (6Gb/s)
PERC H700 (6Gb/s) with 512MB0
PERC H800 (6Gb/s) with 512MB
PERC 6/E with 256MB or 512MB
Power supply Hot‐plug, redundant
Two redundant 1100W hot-plug power supplies

Additional information

Server Brand


Form Factor


Core Options

4, 6, 8, 10, 12

RAM Type


RAM Capacity


Storage Capacity


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