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Build Your Own Server

You can now achieve optimal performance for your business workflow and applications with our 'build your own server' feature, specially designed for customization of servers. Help us create the server you want with your selection of features, services, software, and equipment.

build your own server

Choose Your Server Configuration

The server configuration would be defined based on your business needs. Choose the specific configurations of servers, including the RAM, OS, storage, processor type, etc., and gain the desired outcomes.


How it Works

Share your design needs, and we build the server. The customized server with superior quality and high-end features will design based on the chosen specifications.

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    Submit Your Configuration Details

    Fill in the details about server configuration on the form and submit it.

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    Get Instant Quote

    A quote will be sent immediately, including the best suitable specifications and within your budget.

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    Remote Testing

    Enhance Live Monitoring of Your Server With Reliable Connection and Global Scalability.

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    If you like our server deal, you can pay through all online and NEFT transfers.

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    Delivery in 24 Hours

    Once we receive the payment, the server is dispatched to delivery within 24 Hours.


Price Match Promise

We assure to provide custom-configured servers at reasonable prices. We promise you that the servers will be provided at the exact prices as the competitor offers if you find a lower price for the same server at other sellers.

Guaranteed Buyback

If unused IT equipment occupies your organization’s valuable space, you can sell it to us and get reliable buyback prices. We assure you that you will gain the optimal residual value and maximum returns for your IT assets like used servers, workstations, networking equipment, etc.

Extended Warranty And AMC

Server Basket provides an extra two-year warranty at affordable additional costs. We replace the product with new or refurbished spares in case of repairs. Our AMC service enhances your server life span by restricting the issues in advance.

Pre-Build Server Vs Custom Build Server

Fixed HardwareH/w According to Application/Workload
Shared BandwidthDedicated Open Port Bandwidth
No FlexibilityFlexibility
Paid MigrationFree Migration

Why Choose Server Basket?

Server Basket sells the most affordable and high-quality servers with assured high-end performance. We provide free technical support and delivery services for your servers. Our technical team is available to give assistance in resolving the problems with the server. You can also avail of a buyback service from us for your purchased servers and provide excellent support for future upgrades. We are Available In Muscat, Seeb, Salalah and Across Oman.

why serverbasket

Need Help? Chat With Our Product Experts To Configure The Server As Per Your Exact Requirement.

benefits of customized server in oman

Benefits Of Customized Server

  • The customized design improves the performance by fulfilling your application requirements.
  • You can opt for future scaling that suits the growing demands.
  • The server or workstation is built with particular configurations to achieve the exact requirements.
  • You can choose the specific components that fall within your budget.
  • No need to reconfigure or adjust the server from your end upon setup.

Run Your Application In Suitable Configuration

We are ready to build the servers according to your specific business or application needs. The customized servers allow running all your business applications, including AI, HPC, virtualization, cloud, etc. Our reliable servers don’t compromise on delivering high-end performance and efficiency that results in enhanced business productivity.

suitable configuration server in oman

Benefits With Server Basket

At Server Basket, you can easily get your required server configuration to achieve maximized application performance. You can also access pre-sales support from our team, which provides suitable options following your needs. The other advantages are 24/7 support, free trials, and scaling or upgrading the server.


24/7 Tech Support Available

If you’re facing difficulties or issues with the server, you can immediately contact us without any hesitation. We offer technical and non-technical support services via live chat, phone, or email. Our dedicated team will respond to your queries quickly and provide reliable solutions.


Pre Sales Assistance

You can reach our pre-sales support team if you’re unable to choose the specific server configuration to meet your business demands. One of our experts will provide a suitable option based on your requirements and budget. Our customized servers assure to deliver the desired outcomes.


Upgrade anytime

You can find the best custom configuration from the collection of our servers to meet your future business demands. We provide the flexibility of upgrading the server features and components in the future that support your business growth and deliver enhanced performance results.


Free Trial

You may be concerned about the server’s quality and performance before making the payment. We provide a free trial option for a 30-day period, during which you can test the server performance and decide whether it meets your needs and delivers efficient outcomes.

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