workstations in oman

Are you looking for a cost-effective and dependable office workstation to enhance your IT infrastructure? Well, Server Basket offers you brand-new workstations at the best prices that can significantly boost your IT productivity. Regardless of the application, we have a variety of workstations for sale that are suitable for high-end design and analysis applications. Server Basket has a huge selection of brand new HP workstations as well as Dell workstations at competitive prices. These workstations are genuine and come along with a warranty. We deliver these workstations right to your doorsteps at no additional cost. Our workstations are capable of delivering unparalleled high-speed performance for heavy IT applications. These workstations feature massive storage capacities and are also capable of running multi user operating systems with ease. Their innovative architecture enables them to perform efficiently in all professional fields and industries. We are Available In Oman, Muscat, Seeb, and Salalah.

Built for Intense Processes and Heavy Usage Applications

These workstations are specifically engineered for heavy and intense processes that consume a huge amount of computing power. Our workstations are suitable for heavy rendering and design processes like video encoding, CAD, 3D rendering, big data handling and manipulation, complex computer-generated imagery (CGI), etc.

Advanced CPUs and Graphics Capabilities

These workstations have powerful integrated CPUs and GPUs that allow them to give an unrivalled performance. Memory-intensive processes can be carried out without lag or interruption. Our workstations are equipped with powerful Nvidia and AMD graphics cards. Multi core processors, such as the Intel Xeon series, offer superior computational performance.

Perfectly Designed to Run Multi-user Operating Systems

Our state of the art workstations are capable of running multi user operating systems (OS). Various multi-user OSs such as Linux, Windows, Unix, etc can run perfectly on these workstations and allow numerous users to access the single system with a specific OS on it.

Large Storage Capacities for Massive Workloads

These workstations feature fast and effective memory modules, which provide swift processing response time. Additional SAS, SATA, HDD, or SSD storage drives can be installed depending on your specific requirements. This huge storage capacity is ideal for massive space requiring workloads such as ML and data analytics.

Ideal Systems for Professionals from All Fields

Our large selection of workstations includes systems that are suitable for professionals and businesses in a variety of fields. Whether it’s machine learning and artificial intelligence, 3D modeling, video encoding, development, data analytics, trading, and so on, our workstations deliver exceptional uninterrupted performance so that your workflow does not suffer. We Deliver In Oman, Muscat, Seeb, and Salalah.

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