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If you are looking for some powerful workstations but are on a small budget then you would want to purchase refurbished workstations from Server Basket. Efficient and reliable workstations are available to you at a discounted price and they deliver the same performance as if they were new. Server Basket in Oman features a vast selection of the Best refurbished workstations that are in huge demand in the market. Be it a Dell refurbished workstation or an HP refurbished workstation, you can get them all from Server Basket at great deals. These workstations are certified by experts and they all come with a one-year warranty. Multiple workstations from renowned brands like HP, Dell, IBM and Cisco are listed on our website. These workstations are ideal for resource-demanding applications. We also have a dedicated 24/7 technical assistance team to ensure your experience with our products and service is pleasant.

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Dell, HP, Cisco, and IBM Refurbished Workstations

Top workstations from brands like Dell, HP, IBM, and Cisco can give a massive boost to your daily IT workflows. We even have the refurbished HP Z workstation models, preferred by professionals in various fields. Server Basket offers Dell Precision T7400, Dell Precision 7820, HP Z820, and many more powerful refurbished workstations.

Designed for High-End Graphics and Applications

Our workstations are suitable for heavy resource-demanding applications such as video encoding, CADD, 3D rendering, big data handling and manipulation, complex computer-generated imagery (CGI), etc. These workstations boast powerful GPUs from Nvidia and AMD as well as Intel’s Xeon processors that enable them to deliver unbelievably smooth performance.

Completely Rebuilt with Fully-tested Parts

If you are anxious about getting a refurbished workstation then please rest assured. Our workstations are certified by skilled experts and rebuilt with fully-tested parts. They are covered under a 1-year warranty. If you have any queries regarding our workstations, then our technical assistance team is here for you.

High Performance and Reliability

Our workstations come with high-performing multi-threaded processors from Intel’s Xeon series and powerful GPUs from Nvidia and AMD that can deliver exceptional computational performance for multiple workloads. These workstations have been extensively tested under a variety of conditions and have never failed, even under the most demanding workloads.

24/7 Technical Assistance from Server Basket

We believe in providing the finest customer service possible. Our technical assistance team is available 24/7 to guide you throughout your association with us. They can assist you in selecting a workstation suitable for your specific requirements. They will also clear any additional queries regarding your product’s specifications and features.

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