LAN Card (Ethernet Card/ NIC Card) in Oman

Unmatched Deals on Ethernet/LAN Cards

Unmatched Deals on Ethernet/LAN Cards

Establish a secure, reliable, and ultra-fast network, and connect with our range of Ethernet/LAN cards. Buy Ethernet card at the highest discount only at ServerBasket. You can purchase the best 10GB Ethernet card from SB and avail 90-day warranty, 24/7 customer support, and speedy delivery.

Boost the network connectivity of your server with our collection of LAN/Ethernet cards. Ensure uninterrupted communication and seamless data exchange between devices and servers with the server LAN card. It establishes a stable, speedy, and secure connection to help you market your services faster. Moreover, it has multiple ports available to connect numerous devices at once.
Get incomparable deals on NIC card price exclusively with ServerBasket. You can easily locate the Ethernet/LAN card with the right configuration on our site. Share bulk data with optimal file transfer rates among many users with these options. ServerBasket is offering a host of additional benefits including a 90-day warranty, 24/7 customer support, and more.

What can an Ethernet or LAN card do?

Provides High-speed Communication with the Internet

Provides High-speed Communication with the Internet

Leverage a 10GB network card for your business to establish high-speed and reliable communication with the Internet. It allows you to transfer or share large data sets among several users. It enables highly dependable connectivity between nodes. Moreover, unlock high security when transferring data with our LAN or Ethernet card. Configure it as per your end requirements for optimal use.

Makes the Network Connection Highly Secure and Reliable

Makes the Network Connection Highly Secure and Reliable

Get a PCIe Ethernet card to establish an ultra-fast network connection. It offers users maximum bandwidth, low latency, and balanced utility. Boost your system’s networking power by adding an Ethernet network adapter. It also has next-gen network security features. Our range of LAN or Ethernet cards provides the efficiency, security, and performance that is required in network connectivity.

Offers Multiple Ports to Connect Various Devices

Offers Multiple Ports to Connect Various Devices

Purchase PCI express LAN card at the lowest price only at ServerBasket. These networking cards have multiple ports available to ensure efficient, reliable, and critical communication without suffering downtime. Each additional port helps improve throughput to move a larger amount of data. Additionally, it enables different networks to access servers simultaneously and share data for enhanced performance.

Allows Sharing of Bulk Data Among Several Users

Get a dual LAN card that is targeted to ensure maximum performance for critical environments. It increases the throughput of your network, allows you to share bulk data, provides intelligent load balancing, and offers fast data handling. The dual port helps free bandwidth for the rest of your network. It enables separate networks that are connected to your server to function without faltering even when the other is down.

Variety of LAN Cards Available

Choose from a wide range of LAN cards we have. Evaluate your bandwidth, throughput, port, and security requirements to choose the best match. Get the best 10GB network card or an Intel 10GB network card at economical prices. The 10GB network card gives a significant boost to your data infrastructure. If you want to connect more devices, you can opt for a 4 port LAN card.

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Benefits with Server Basket

Secure 1-year Warranty

Assured 90-day Warranty

Get a warranty of 90 days on purchasing LAN/Ethernet cards. If you face any issues, you can claim the warranty claim to get repairs or replacements.

24/7 Technical and Installation Support

24/7 Installation and Tech Support

Our IT team at ServerBasket provides you with round-the-clock installation and technical support. We are available 24/7 to resolve your issues.

Speedy Shipping Across the Globe

Fast Shipping Services

We ship network cards across Oman, including the major cities of Salalah, Seeb, and Muscat. We provide you with speedy and secure delivery.

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