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Do you plan to buy grade A HP servers for small businesses that can easily fit in your space-constrained environment? ServerBasket is the best place to buy HP servers in Oman because we provide you with a variety of HP servers that are safe, performance-driven thick servers in your data center for virtualization, database, and high-performance computing. HP servers price is discounted at Server Basket. If you buy HP servers online from us you can also avail of our Free servers installation service. Our knowledgeable technicians will set up your server and thoroughly test it to ensure that it is operational. HP servers ProLiant range has strong multicore CPUs for your demanding workloads. Also, they have advanced features like built-in intelligence and server optimization. We have a variety of models of HP servers to choose from and you also have the option to choose from low to high-end configurations.

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Servers That Boost Productivity and Performance

The current generation of strong multicore processors in HP servers increases business transaction response times and saves time while downloading or transferring files across sites thanks to several cores and unique technologies. You can multitask with ease thanks to effective RAM management.

Broad Range of Brand-new HP Servers Available

Server Basket offers you all of the four primary product lines of ProLiant servers which are ML, DL, BL, SY, and Apollo. We offer the Proliant ML line of tower-based servers, DL line of rackmount servers, and BL line of blade servers from HP in different models and configurations.

Enhance Application Functioning

The HP server Proliant series can automate and streamline management operations. Using unsurpassed server automation and optimization, best server components and resources, and server security, these servers can provide a strong basis for an accessible platform ensuring enhanced application functioning.

Choice of Low to High-End Configurations

You have the option to choose from multiple configurations like 100, 200, 300, and 400 series with single and dual-socket systems, 500 and 600 series with quad-socket systems, 700 and 900 series with eight-socket systems, 900 series with Up to 80 CPU cores, and 4 TB of RAM.

High-standard HP Servers With Genuine Spares

Buy from our online store, where we sell high-quality HP Servers and their components at a fraction of the cost of similar products in the market. Buy online from Server Basket and get genuine HP server components. On every HP Server accessories, we provide savings and a warranty.

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