RAID Controller Card (PCI RAID Card)

raid controller card pci raid card


Are you dealing with heavy applications that demand huge storage capacity and fast performance? Do you want to improve the security and backup capabilities of your data centre? RAID, also known as Redundant Array of Independent Disks, is designed to provide data redundancy, enhance hard disk drive performance and allow for secure data backup options.
ServerBasket in Oman offers the best RAID cards that have been engineered using the latest technology. If you place a large order, you can even obtain big discounts on already low-cost cards in our stock. Furthermore, each of our RAID cards comes with an assured warranty. Our Raid controller cards provide compatibility with multiple RAID levels such as RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 10, etc. These RAID cards can greatly improve the performance of your HDDs while also providing data redundancy. They also aid in managing data intelligently.

Choose among a Wide Range Of RAID Cards

Server Basket has a large selection of the most up-to-date RAID controller cards for servers. We provide the best prices on a variety of Dell and HP RAID controller cards. Currently, we have the Dell PERC H710, Dell PERC H710p, Dell PERC H730, other HP and Dell Raid controllers also available.

Enhances your hard drive performance

A proper RAID controller card can enhance your HDD performance by allowing applications to read and write data from multiple drives simultaneously. Server Basket offers only the best enterprise-grade RAID controllers cards that are specifically designed to boost the performance of your hard drives. RAID controllers also provide cache backup options.

Provides Data Redundancy and Protection

RAID provides data redundancy by storing it twice on multiple hard disks. Through data redundancy, if one part of the system fails then your data is not corrupted or lost. The RAID controller cards come with security features like mirroring, striping with parity or both for advanced data protection.

Excellent discounts and Reasonable Prices

ServerBasket offers the most attractive prices for the best SATA RAID cards. On a bulk order of RAID controller cards and various accessories such as RAID Controller battery, we provide exciting additional discounts. With middlemen eliminated, you save a lot and you can drastically lower your total cost of ownership.

Easy And Highly Secure Data Backup Options

The RAID controller cards can improve the performance of your hard disk drives while also providing data redundancy and highly secure data backup options. The mirroring and double parity features can spread data across multiple nodes. This ensures that if a node fails or goes down, no data is lost.

Select According To Part Numbers

Server Basket gives you the option of selecting your RAID controller card based on the part number. Server Basket provides the largest selection of the best in-demand Dell and HP RAID controllers with a variety of interfaces, PCI support, SAS connectors, cache memory capacity, and multiple benefits.

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