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Looking to buy an affordable blade server in Oman? The ServerBasket website has a huge list of new and used blade servers in different configurations from brands like HP, Cisco and Dell. These servers come with strong processors that accelerate performance for a variety of heavy workloads. They provide high-capacity storage solutions for growing storage requirements. Blade servers consume very little power and are designed to fit in small spaces. With reduced cabling, they offer ease of physical accessibility for the administrators and enhance server cooling. Some blade servers also feature a hot swappable design, making it easy to eject and replace them without affecting other servers. Overall, blade servers can really cut down your expenses and offer a great cost of acquisition. We offer free-of-cost delivery of your product right at your doorstep in a secure multi-layered packaging and have a 24×7 technical support team to resolve all your issues and queries.

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Handle Diverse and More Complex Workloads

We provide you with a diverse range of top-notch blade server configurations that can easily handle different types of complex and business-critical workloads for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) and even large businesses. They can be used for virtualization operations, video and audio streaming, databases, web hosting, application hosting, etc.

Minimized Power Consumption and Space Usage

Blade servers are ideal for companies who need to set up reliable servers in a limited space. The Cisco, HPE and Dell blade servers boast a compact design with only the required components, as compared to rack and tower servers. And they consume minimum power for their operations, so, can significantly reduce your electricity costs.

Increased Processing Power and Storage Capacity

Our Dell, Cisco, and HPE blade servers come with built-in powerful processors from the Intel Xeon processors series, capable of delivering impressive processing power for your data-intensive operations. Within its robust design, these blade servers also offer multiple efficient storage options that can keep up with your escalating data storage demands.

Reduced Cabling and Data Center Footprint

A general rack or tower would be quite bulky and may require multiple wire connections and cabling. Blade servers eliminate such hefty and complex wiring thus making it easy for the administrators to physically maintain the servers. With the use of minimum cables in blade servers, they reduce cluttering around the server structure and improve cooling through greater airflow.

Easily Serviceable

Blade servers are really easy to manage and maintain. Your blade can be a hot-swappable server. It means that if any of your blade servers in your data center needed to be removed for routine check and maintenance and a new blade server were to be inserted then you can do so without disrupting the working of the other servers.

Low Expenses and Total Cost of Ownership

Our blade servers can help you save money by offering a low total cost of ownership (TCO). They can share computing power, memory and redundant power supply among themselves thereby reducing additional costs. Our popular HP, Dell and Cisco blade servers can cut down the operational and management costs of your data center and provide a positive return on investment (ROI).

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