10G LAN Cards

10g lan cards


Are you looking to buy a high-end 10G LAN card to scale your network performance and bandwidth? Server Basket in Oman offers supreme quality 10G LAN cards that can give your system the required networking performance boost.
Server Basket is a one-stop place to buy durable and reliable 10G LAN cards. We offer the best 10G LAN card price. We also provide free technical support, warranty, and timely delivery of your product anywhere in Oman.
We offer 10G cards for all major servers & workstation brands like Dell, IBM, HP, Cisco, etc. We also have 10G LAN cards for Intel systems. Our LAN cards provide the fastest data transfer rates. They provide high-speed network connectivity, scalability, and flexibility, and include fiber and RJ45 interface modules. These robust LAN cards can serve as the ideal option for businesses that deal with various virtualized environment operations.

Fastest Data Transfer with 10GBE Speed

Server Basket offers the best 10G LAN cards that allow your network to experience a higher data transfer rate with high uptime. These network cards can support a swift data transfer speed of up to 10GBE. Data centers that require fast data transfer capabilities can benefit from these LAN cards.

10G Cards for All Server & Workstation Brands

We have a large selection of the best LAN cards that can work with a variety of servers and workstations from brands like IBM, HP, Cisco, Intel, etc. We offer the highest-quality 10G network cards for Dell servers, that are compatible with multiple operating systems like Windows, Ubuntu, and Linux.

Modules for Fiber & RJ45 10G Cards

Our 10G LAN cards come with SR(short reach), SFP(small form-factor pluggable), and SFP+(small form-factor pluggable plus) modules for fiber and RJ45 interface. SR transceivers are suitable for short-range communication whereas SFPs are suited for long-distance communications. The SFP+ modules use less power than other LAN cards.

Best option for Virtualized Environments

These LAN cards are specially designed to support high data transmission rates of up to 10GBE while also supporting a large amount of bandwidth. This makes them a suitable choice for various types of virtualized environments such as VMware, Citrix, Cloud computing, social networking apps, etc.

Extremely High Networking performance

We offer only the top-quality LAN cards that are capable of delivering excellent networking performance and speedier data transmission. These network cards are almost 10 times faster than the other standard network cards available in the market and you can get them at attractive prices from Server Basket.

Provides maximum power, scalability & flexibility

Our popular state-of-the-art LAN cards ensure your system can experience powerful and reliable networking performance for long-distance communications. Your network bandwidth can be scaled up to 10 Gbps. These 10G LAN cards can give more flexibility and scalability to your system’s network.

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