DELL Rack Servers

dell rack servers in oman

Ramp up your IT network with Dell rack servers, the high-end powerful servers that are flexible and scalable to suit your single or multi-server needs. Improving your application performance gets easier with Dell servers as they offer a seamless user interface. Smart automation and built-in tools will make managing your daily tasks much simpler and faster. Dell rack servers create a smooth work environment with their high-performance Intel Xeon processors and scalable storage options. The flexibility of storage and drives allow you to safely expand your operations as they grow. Additionally, remotely access your server from anywhere by creating a centralized network. You have the liberty to choose from our wide catalogue and see that the Dell rack server prices are the cheapest and budget-friendly at Server Basket in Oman. Our services include product delivery within 2-3 business days and 24×7 technical support.

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Advanced Servers for Enhanced IT Infrastructure

Dell servers are known for their robust computing power. They’re driven by the immaculate Intel Xeon processor series, and huge memory capacity. With Dell rack servers you can choose from 1U, 2U and 4U racks to meet your processing and applications requirements.

Improved with Smoother NVMe Storage Capacity

Dell servers bring improved server performance through scalable NVMe storage options. You can integrate SSDs, HDDs, SAS or SATA drives and increase your server performance and expand storage. Dell rack servers enhance your server applications and have a high memory capacity, expandable storage and are easily customizable.

Deliver Strong Performance and Versatile Configurations

Whether it’s handling big data with Dell rack server R740, or creating a virtual environment with a 2U R710 or 1U R620 server, it is simpler and faster with their peak performance. They provide flexibility to expand their memory, storage, raid controllers with your increasing workload to handle critical or sensitive operations.

High speed Memory for Demanding Workloads

Thinking about cutting off IT costs by virtualizing the workloads? Dell servers provide exclusive virtualization features to heighten the existing resources. Get effortless virtualization for high-end Linux and Windows applications. With dell server avail off easygoing server management and unchallengeable scalable options.

Centralized Support and Virtual Access Capabilities

Create remote backups, and a centralized network to access your data remotely. Dell rack servers are integrated with Dell remote assistant cards II and III, and iDRAC that allow access to any client system or browser with your network interface. You can monitor and manage your server performance remotely.

RAID Controllers with Best Compatibility

Dell rack servers easily manage your growing storage demands and achieve enhanced application performance with the best-integrated software RAID controllers and options for external ones. Managing your I/O based applications, huge data environments and uninterrupted digital streaming become remarkably simple with Dell’s RAID controllers.

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