Dell Workstations In Oman

dell workstations in oman


Planning to buy Dell workstations that can take your IT functions to greater heights? ServerBasket features a huge stock of reliable and cheap Dell workstations that are also covered under warranty. We offer a workstation set up for each and every type of business, no matter how big or small.

We offer only the Best Dell workstations that are in heavy demand in the market. You can avail these state of the art Dell workstations from us at greatly discounted prices. Our technical support team is available 24/7 to clear any query that you may have regarding any of our workstations. We deliver these workstations right to your doorsteps at no additional cost.

These Dell latest workstations are equipped with modern powerful processors and are ideal for intense memory demanding applications. You also have the option to customize your workstation according to your requirements. We are Available In Oman, Muscat, Seeb, Salalah.

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Rack and Tower Workstations from Dell

We have a huge stock of Dell rack and tower workstations that can fulfil any business’s IT requirements. Various in-demand and dependable workstation models, such as the Dell Precision 7820, 7740, T7920, 5820, T7910, and others, are available at very competitive prices at Server Basket.

Maximum Performance with Powerful Processors

Dell workstations are powered by Intel Xeon CPUs, which are designed for enterprise grade applications. Intel Xeon’s higher core and thread counts enable quick and maximized performance for various heavy resource demanding applications. No wonder that these Dell workstations are favoured by professionals from each and every field.

Extreme Computing for Demanding Applications

Dell’s Precision series workstations are capable of performing resource demanding applications such as CADD, video encoding and rendering, machine learning and artificial intelligence, complex computer generated imagery (CGI), etc. for hours with utmost ease. Their sturdy design and modern thermal architecture ensures that they do not heat up during runtime.

High-end Graphics and Fast Memory

These Dell workstations come with the latest AMD and Nvidia high-end graphics cards. Nvidia’s powerful Quadro and Tesla series GPUs are ideal for graphic intensive applications. The AI-powered Dell Optimizer in Dell’s Precision workstations can learn user preferences over time and allocate computer resources accordingly for fast performance.

Customizable and Scalable Workstations

Dell workstations can be customized for specific IT requirements. You have the benefit of choosing your processor, and memory modules from a variety of fast RDIMMs and LRDIMMs available, to boost your workstation’s performance. To expand your workstation’s storage capacity, additional storage drives can be installed in the empty drive bays. We deliver In Oman, Muscat, Seeb, Salalah.

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