Terms And Conditions For Server Products (Physical Selling)

Customers are requested to read the terms and conditions of sale before purchasing any product or availing any service from our website. You need to signify your acceptance of the offer made at our site by accepting the terms and conditions of the sale.

Description And Pricing

Server Basket strives to provide the best possible prices on the servers and web hosting services. Prices of the servers are subject to change with time without any prior notice. However, Serverbasket will not assure that the price will be low in the city, region, or anywhere else across the globe. If the price or information about the product or service is specified incorrectly on the website, then Serverbasket at its discretion will contact you or cancels the order and notify you in case of such cancellation. If ServerBasket cancels the order after the payment processing is completed, then the amount will be refunded to your account from which you have made the payment within a reasonable period of time. We will not negotiate the prices on the products we sell, all the prices are final.

Order Process

Orders placed by the customers at our website should be accepted by the seller finally. The seller accepts the customer order and completes the contract between the seller and customer after the products are dispatched at the doorsteps of the customers. Order is accepted until and unless the seller notifies the customer about its cancellation or the customer himself cancels the order.


Products are delivered to the shipping address specified by the customers at the seller’s sole discretion. The shipping address and pin code of the customer is verified by the Serverbasket before proceeding to the payment process. In the event case, if the area you request is not serviceable by our delivery partner/merchant, we would request you to provide an alternative shipping address that we expect would be in the delivery partner’s list. You can order the product from any place worldwide. Customers can collect the products from the seller’s premises at any time after the seller notifies the customers about its collection. If you purchase two to three products at a time, then we ensure to ship them together.

Limitation Of Liability

We are not liable for any loss or damage, which was not predictable by us at the time of accepting the order and the loss or damage caused due to breach of contract by you.

Order Cancellations & Changes

We strive to ship the products ordered by the customers at a faster pace. For the benefit of the customer, we send the orders to the warehouse to start the fulfillment process to deliver the product soon. In the event case, if we are unable to locate the order after the fulfillment process has begun, we would not be able to change the order or cancel it.

We will not refund or accept the products that were processed for the reason you have changed your mind or you have found the products to be more economical at some other place. We advise you to preview the order carefully before adding them to the shopping cart and confirming it.

Returning Goods – General

When you have returned the product to us for any reason whatsoever (For instance, you have canceled the contract under the consumer contracts regulations or if the product delivered to you was damaged) you need to ensure that the product is properly packaged and labeled with the address as before. You are solely liable for any damage or scratches on the goods due to improper packaging. You are also responsible for the loss of goods or any damage while transporting other than using our courier.

24/7 Technical Support

Serverbasket.net provides impeccable 24/7 technical support for most of its products. Few products need technical support from the manufacturer to know how to use it.


While purchasing products on Serverbasket, it is pivotal to select the right payment mode. We accept all online transactions and NEFT transfers. Your products will be delivered to the shipping address once the payment is made.


Warranty is the assurance given by the seller on the purchased product. The warranty period varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. In the event of any damage, the customer can replace or repair the product after the purchase without paying a single penny to the seller within the given time frame under certain conditions.

ServerBasket will not assure that the products on the site are accurate, reliable, and damage-free.


We respect your privacy, however, while shipping the products to other states they are subjected to open and inspected by the customs authorities.

Terms And Conditions For Server Hosting

The following terms and conditions should be read and agreed upon by the customers before taking the services. However, the terms and conditions apply to all the people who have business relationships with Serverbasket. We offer the following services to our clients:

  1. Domain Name(registrations)
  2. Dedicated Servers
  3. Cloud Hosting
  4. cPanel Hosting
  5. Windows Hosting
  6. Reseller Hosting
  7. Fully Managed Linux VPS Hosting
  8. Windows VPS
  9. CMS Hosting

Service Period

We provide the hosting services for the global clients for a period of 12 months from the activation date (these services are offered until the provided date or if the service has been withdrawn earlier in accordance with the agreement)

After the minimum service period, the managed hosting services will continue to provide the services until the notice is given to the customers under the 13.1 clause or until the service is sacked as part of the agreement.

Data Backup And Restores

  • ServerBasket will retain the backup of the Managed Hosting Operating System, Applications, and File Data for 2 weeks.
  • User is responsible to protect their respective applications and data that are not provided by the ServerBasket unless there is a mutual agreement between each other to retain the backup of the client
  • We will not assure any service that is pertained to data backup for the users who have admin and root privileges. In case of any backup failure, we would take the necessary action to retrieve the data.
  • Customers have to understand, Serverbasket is not responsible for data loss, data theft, or corruption of the data. You need to take up the entire responsibility of data or files while transferring and maintain the local backup of your data to recover in case of any loss or failure. We are not accountable for any data loss, claim or damage that is caused by inadvertent backup failure.

CPU, Bandwidth, And Disk Usage

  • Allowable disk and CPU usage
    • Hosting space provided by the Serverbasket has adhered to the terms of the Agreement and the Acceptable Use Policy.
      • Hosting space shared will be used to store web files, active emails, and content of the user’s website. The hosting space will not store media files, emails, or other content, including offsite electronic files, emails, and FTP hosts. ServerBasket has the right to review the user’s account to check the CPU, disk space, and other resources that are being used as per the agreement and Acceptable use policy. ServerBasket has all the rights to terminate the services, impose additional charges or delete the content from the websites that are found to infringe the terms and conditions of Serverbasket.
      • Dedicated and VPS usage is confined to a few of the resources allocated to the specific plan you have purchased.
    • Bandwidth Usage
      • Bandwidth allowance is not confined to the shared servers. Resellers or dedicated or VPS servers are not allowed to exceed the bandwidth usage as per the plan that was purchased. You can view the usage in your control panel.

Uptime Guarantee

Any shared or reseller server has a high downtime and could not meet the assured uptime, then the user can receive a monthly credit to their account. This does not apply to the planned maintenance. Credit approval solely relies on the discretion of the Serverbasket and the provided justification by the user. ServerBasket will not consider the justification given by the third parties. The server uptime is the time reported by the server and the Apache web server, this time reported may vary from other services. Users can mail to [email protected] to raise the ticket along with justification to our billing department. Uptime guarantee can be availed by the shared and reseller solutions. Downtime of the dedicated server for the specified time is covered in the network guarantee and this is not at all pertained to uptime guarantee.

Management And Support

As per the clause mentioned in the Service Level Agreement, we will strive our best to resolve your issues at a faster pace. You can reach us by phone or through email:

  • 24/7 technical support is provided for P1 Faults and you can call us to raise other faults during business hours.

ServerBasket Shall Not Responsible To:

  • Provide maintenance and support to the applications that are not related to Serverbasket unless there is a mutual agreement between both parties
  • Retrieve the Non-ServerBasket provided applications, managed hosting server, or other data in case of backup failure unless it is agreed separately with you;
  • Anything that is beyond the Managed Hosting Service along with uploading the data beyond the limitation and the data generated by the Managed Hosting Server on behalf of you.

ServerBasket Responsibilities:

Our responsibilities for the customers who do not have root/admin access

  1. Supply, maintain, and monitor the Managed Hosting Server in real-time
  2. Monitor the CPU, RAM, and storage utilization of the Managed Hosting Server;
  3. Set up the base configuration of the Managed Hosting Server, the Operating System and the applications provided by the Serverbasket;
  4. Provide technical support for the service-related glitches;
  5. Maintain, upgrade and support the operating system and ServerBasket Provided Applications on a regular basis; and enforce the initial setup of the Managed Hosting Service;
  6. Provide backup to the operating system settings, ServerBasket Provided Applications, and file data as per the Back-up schedule clause 12;
  7. In case the Serverbasket could not repair the fault in the Managed hosting server then the team will strive to troubleshoot the issue and restore the Managed hosting server to its normal state within less time span


The user who breaches or escalates the network security privileges are liable to criminal and civil charges. Examples of violation include gaining unauthorized access, scanning the traffic entering and leaving the network systems, causing interruption to the service of the other users, mail bombing, flooding, forging the TCP-IP pack header, or header information of email, carrying out any other network-based attacks, etc. are terminated from the services and are imposed with security violations.


The user who would like to cancel the account may request for cancellation through a call or email ([email protected]) at least 2 weeks prior to the end of the current month. Please include the last four-digit credit card number that you have provided to us along with your cancellation request for verification purposes. The client account is renewed on the first day of every month, until and unless clients request the termination of the account.

Termination Of Inactive Domains

All the Inactive domains which are not working from our servers will be terminated automatically without any prior notice. We are not responsible for the further consequences.

Refund Policy

We strive to provide superior quality services that meet your business needs.
In the event case, if the user is not happy with our services, we give a refund. The refunded amount will be deposited directly into your bank account in seven business days from the day of processing.
If the amount is paid via credit card, then we refund the amount to the credit card with the details provided at the time of availing of our services and in case, if you have paid via payment gateway, then the amount will be refunded to the same account
Domain Name registration or other services pertained to domain transfer are strictly non-refundable. Once the domain name is purchased with your name then the domain cannot be transferred to other’s name prior to the expiration of the domain term period.
Only first-time account holders are entitled to a refund. For instance, if you have registered and deleted the account with us and again re-registered on the website or created a second account with us, then you are not eligible to get the refund.
We do not refund the total amount that was paid on software, we curtail the administrative fees and installation fees on purchased software or domain name. Refund requests would be taken into consideration only for 30 days from your purchased date and the amount would be refunded on a prorated basis.
Taxes paid on the software or service are not refundable. However, users can claim their tax amount directly from the government.
Users are not entitled to get the claim while using the trail services from serverbasket.net
Users cannot get the claim when his/her services are hampered or blocked from running of illegitimate activities like spam, torrent, child porn, etc. in their websites
Users can submit the refund requests by our ticketing system or via email. Users have to send the service cancellation request from the email account that was given at the time of purchasing, requests received from other accounts would be considered as an invalid one. Requests submitted past 30 days would not be considered.


ServerBasket ensures to protect the data that was collected from the customers. Any alteration made to the page will be posted on this page and acknowledged to you via email.

Customer Access

  • As per the standards, users are not given admin/root access to the Managed Hosting Server. ServerBasket provides FTP access to the web servers and Remote SQL access for SQL servers.
  • If you want the admin/root access to the Managed Hosting server to deploy and manage the Non-Serverbasket provided applications, then you are approved with it.
  • Services and support commitments are applied as per the access privileges chosen by the customers

Our Rights

Premises of Managed hosting services are subject to change. In case of such change, we would notify you prior to one month. We ensure to provide the same level of service that was provided to you earlier. We bear the total expenses incurred for moving the services.

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