Tower Servers In Oman


Do you want to buy a power-packed, reliable, and affordable tower server that can handle your daily IT workloads? We, at Server Basket, have a wide selection of popular tower servers from brands like Dell and HP. These tower servers come in customizable configurations, allowing you to design a server that can handle your specific IT needs. They require low maintenance, have an effective cooling mechanism and can be added to the existing server networks without affecting them. They offer great processing power that can handle a variety of tasks for small, medium, and large-sized businesses. With advanced memory and massive storage capacity, they deliver lag-free performance for various applications.
Along with the state-of-the-art tower servers for sale, we also have a 24×7 active technical support team that can assist you in choosing a server according to your requirement. We ensure timely delivery of your product with multi-layered safe packaging across Oman at no additional costs.

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Robust, Simple, and Customizable Servers

The tower servers available with us are robust and stable and provide exceptional performance for your daily business operations. These servers are genuine, have a long lifespan, and can be customized as per your specific requirements. A variety of HP tower servers as well as Dell tower servers like Dell T330, T130, T430, etc. are listed on our website.

Dynamic Processing Power to Perform Variety Tasks

Featuring the latest tower server specs, these powerhouses are capable of delivering dynamic processing power suitable for handling a huge variety of business workloads. Our tower servers are equipped with modern processors from Intel Xeon Scalable Processor and AMD EPYC Processor families, making them ideal for high-performance computing (HPC), virtualization, application and database servers, big data analytics, etc.

Highly Scalable, Numerous Servers Can Add to Existing Network

Tower servers offer a high scalability factor due to the independent nature of individual tower servers. You can add many of these servers to your pre-existing server network without disrupting the setup. Tower servers offer a cost-effective solution to scale your data center in the future if the need arises.

Require Less Maintenance Subsequently

We offer various models of tower servers for small businesses that require low maintenance. Multiple servers installed in a bay are difficult to maintain, whereas tower servers are easily recognizable physically as well as on the company’s network because the data is kept in a single tower, rather than being scattered across multiple systems.

Prevent Any Damage with Easy Cooling Capability

A tower server is built in an upright cabinet design that stands alone. In tower servers, easier cooling is feasible due to the low total component density. These servers also come with an advanced and highly efficient heat sink that can dissipate heat and prevent your data center from possible damage, overheating, downtime and faults.

Offer Powerful Memory and Massive Storage Options

Our tower servers offer powerful memory and massive storage options making them the perfect choice for a multitude of memory-intensive workloads and high storage applications. These servers can function with minimal delay, thanks to their fast memory. With highly expandable storage solutions, these tower servers can easily accommodate your business’s growing data storage demands.

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