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Are you in the market looking to buy a Dell tower server that offers a great total cost of ownership (TCO) and optimum performance? We bring you the best collection of widely used Dell tower servers that are designed to perform in a variety of business environments, be it a large enterprise or a small home office. With their advanced Intel processors, these servers can run high-performance computing (HPC) and a number of other workloads such as web serving, VDI, data analytics, AI, etc. The Dell tower servers feature fast memory configurations and large scalable storage capacities to keep up with the rising storage demands. They come with embedded iDRAC and OpenManage systems that make server management a breeze.
Compared to other sellers in Oman, Server Basket offers the most affordable Dell tower server prices. We offer timely delivery of your product and have a 24×7 technical support team that can assist you in choosing a server suitable for your IT needs.

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Designed for Modern Office Workloads

The Dell PowerEdge Tower servers offer great flexibility with quality-assured hardware to boost data center workloads. With flexible storage, performance, and I/O options, you have the ability to handle various modern demanding workloads such as ERP, CRM, HPC, server and desktop virtualization, data consolidation, web serving, databases, business analytics and intelligence, software-defined technologies, and so on.

Ideal for Businesses of All Sizes

The tower servers from Dell are ideal for all types of businesses including small and home offices (SOHO), small and mid-sized businesses (SMB), and remote office/branch office (ROBO) sites. Be it an entry-level or an advanced server, you get the option to choose from a wide range of cost-effective tower servers that come in diverse models and configurations.

Powerful Performance and Large Storage Capacity

The Dell tower servers provide outstanding performance and the ability to adapt to changing business demands. These powerhouses are equipped with the latest Intel Xeon Scalable processors, which deliver unrivaled performance and more cores than the previous generation processors. These tower servers also have large storage capacities, enabling them to meet the data storage needs of a lot of businesses.

Efficient Productivity and High-speed Memory

With advanced high-speed memory configurations, these tower servers are the perfect choice for enterprise-grade memory-intensive workloads. It also offers outstanding management features to boost operation efficiency and improve the ease of managing servers. Embedded technologies like Lifecycle Controller help to improve productivity by effectively managing server functions like deployment and regular updates in both physical and virtualized environments.

Adapt to Changing Workloads with Flexible Expansion Options

Dell PowerEdge Tower servers come with multiple expansion options and customizable configurations to adapt to rapidly changing workloads. They give you the flexibility to install additional RAM, processors, storage disks, graphics cards, RAID controllers, PCIe slots, and other components as needed, allowing you to scale your server’s performance, memory, and storage capacity to meet your evolving needs.

Easy to Deploy, Automate and Manage

These tower servers come with Dell EMC OpenManage systems management portfolio that simplifies server management through intelligent, automated management of routine tasks thereby reducing the time you spend on server maintenance. With Dell’s integrated iDRAC and unique agent-free management capabilities, server monitoring, implementation, and management can be done remotely.

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