HP Tower Servers

  • HP ML350 Gen 10 Tower Server in Oman

    • Form Factor: 4U Tower
    • Supported Processor: 1st generation: Intel Xeon Scalable 8100 series, Intel Xeon Scalable 6100 series, Intel Xeon Scalable 5100 series, Intel Xeon Scalable 4100 series, Intel Xeon Scalable 3100 series,2nd generation: Intel Xeon Scalable 8200 series, Intel Xeon Scalable 6200 series, Intel Xeon Scalable 5200 series, Intel Xeon Scalable 4200 series, Intel Xeon Scalable 3200 series.
    • Total Memory Slots: 24 DIMMs
    • PCI slots: 8 x PCIe 3.0 slots
    • Max Memory: 3TB
    • Max Cores: 56 Cores
    • Assured Warranty
    • Quick Shipping In Oman
    • 24/7 Chat Support
    OMR 782OMR 860
  • HP ProLiant ML10 v2 Tower Server In Oman

    • Form Factor: 4U Tower
    • Supported Processors: Intel Pentium G3240, Intel Core TM i3-4150, Intel XeonE3-1220v3
    • Total Memory Slots: 4 DIMMs
    • PCI slots: 4 PCIe Expansion Slots
    • Max Memory: 32GB
    • Max Cores: 4 Cores
    • Assured Warranty
    • Quick Shipping
    • 24/7 Chat Support
    OMR 467OMR 513


Are you looking to buy an HP tower server for your company in Oman? HP tower servers offer great total cost ownership (TCO) for the user and are ideal for all types of business-critical IT operations. Server Basket has a huge HP tower servers models list on their website that features the top servers used by industries all around the world. These servers are equipped with powerful processors, fast memory modules, and expandable storage options that offer excellent low latency performance and scalability. The HP tower server power supply provides energy-efficient power usage to reduce electricity costs and improve the efficiency of your servers. HP tower servers come with intelligent management features and various other innovative technologies.

We offer free delivery for your server which arrives at your doorstep in secure multi-layered packaging. We also provide 24×7 technical assistance to answer all your questions regarding any of our products, services, and offers to ensure that you have a pleasant shopping experience.

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Reliable and Efficient Servers

We offer a wide range of reliable and efficient HP tower servers that are suitable for all types of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and large businesses. Our product line comprises multiple HP server types such as HPE ML10 Gen9, HPE ML110 Gen9, HPE ML150 Gen9, HPE ML350 Gen9, and Gen10 servers as well as many others.

Large Storage with Expansion Possibilities

We understand that data storage requirements for every enterprise are continually growing. The HP tower servers come with massive storage capacities for reliably storing big amounts of data. The storage capacity of these tower servers can further be scaled via multiple drive bays where extra Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) and Solid State Drives (SSDs) can be installed.

Immense Processing Power to Perform Multiple Tasks

Irrespective of what your IT workload is, these tower servers are designed to handle multiple tasks while providing exceptional processing power for seamless operations. They are powered by premium processors from the Intel Xeon series that offer a higher number of cores and are used industry-wide to run a vast variety of data-intensive applications and workloads.

Scalable Memory with High Speed

With high-speed memory and huge capacities, these tower servers can manage memory-intensive workloads very easily. All these servers include scalable memory configurations that come with multiple DIMM slots to incorporate more memory modules. HP offers its own HPE DDR3 and DDR4 SmartMemory to improve the efficiency and performance of your system’s memory.

HP Innovative Technologies

These servers come with innovative HP technologies such as HPE Intelligent Provisioning which includes a Rapid Setup feature that boosts server deployment by 33%. HPE InfoSight enables you to monitor the condition and health of your data center in order to anticipate and prevent faults. HPE Small Business Solutions provides tools to assist small businesses to run their infrastructure more efficiently.

Intelligent Management Features

With standard inbuilt HPE Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) capabilities, the HP tower servers allow you to remotely manage your data center. Essential server lifecycle management operations such as deployment, monitoring, maintenance, and updates can be automated, which lets you dedicate your time and focus on other pressing business matters.

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