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Affordable and expandable options to increase efficiency, lower risk, and scale as necessary. Only at ServerBasket can you find incredible discounts on a wide selection of HP storage servers that are software-defined. They power your transition to data-driven management and enable the construction of high-performance networks.

Every year, there is a growing demand for dependable, cost-effective storage servers. This can be a result of the increased need to secure data from cyber threats or keep data for extended periods of time. Companies have switched to utilizing technologies like HP Storage Arrays, namely, HP StorageWorks P2000, D2700, Ultrium 960, P4500 G2, and MSA60, to reduce the risk of data loss and the difficulty of managing the data. Therefore, if you need a storage server solution, we can assist you by setting up the ideal storage server for your business requirements and making sure it is within your budget.

What makes HP Storage Servers Ideal for your Organization?

Managed Cloud Backup Option

Managed Cloud Backup Option

Why allow backup storage issues to get in the way if you are giving your business everything? HPE storage solution servers assist you in maintaining the operations of your company by offering auto-cloud data backup storage. By sending and keeping only unique changes, you may transport your data effectively and avoid paying exit fees.

Improve performance

Improve performance and Deduplication Efficiency

In essence, storage performance gets smarter. Data backup performance using the HPE storage system can be greatly enhanced by the use of deduplication technology. Data deduplication, in general, is a data compression technology that speeds up the backup service as a whole and lowers overall storage costs.

Risk Reduction

End-to-end data center Flexibility and Risk Reduction

A single device malfunction might result in the loss of multiple crucial pieces of data. Use data protection solutions to strengthen your company’s operations, reduce risks from the data center to the cloud, where you can access your data whenever you need to, and do away with the danger of data loss due to hardware failure.

Significant Cost Savings

Significant Cost Savings

Compression and deduplication are two essential methods that will assist in keeping your on-premises storage costs under control. Compression removes additional redundant data within each data block, whereas deduplication only removes redundant data from entire data blocks. Together, these methods help to cut down on the amount of storage space needed for the data.

Greater Reliability for Various Data-intensive Workloads

Workloads are changing quickly with the adoption of hybrid workplaces. With the performance and flexibility, you require to accelerate the deployment of new applications, HP 3PAR storage servers, from entry-level to advanced, modernize your data centre. They can accept the most demanding and data-intensive tasks and manage them simply, easily, and affordably.

Enhanced Storage Infrastructure with SAN / NAS Capabilities

Both HP NAS and SAN storage servers are ways of centrally managing storage and distributing it to numerous servers. These HP storage server models employ SAN, a typical storage networking design that offers a high throughput and low latency for mission-critical applications, whereas NAS focuses on usability, manageability, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.

Higher Data Protection to Eliminate Threats

These storage servers can manage various devices and multi-user apps and hence offer solutions that can defend against ransomware and keep crucial data and services intact. With automated, intelligent, multi-tiered solutions, they enable data protection that can smoothly self-manage, allowing the server to centrally monitor user access to both data and the entire network.

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