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A network attached storage or NAS device is a high-capacity storage system that can store and share data for multiple computers. It is a versatile file-level data storage server. NAS is popular among home and small-size enterprise users due to the host of benefits it offers over traditional storage servers. Its core functions can be divided into five core aspects, i.e.,  file sharing, network printing, multimedia file sharing, data backup/disaster recovery, and media server. The best NAS server that can effectively meet your objectives improves the value and efficiency of your data storage infrastructure. NAS is easy to install/configure and enables flexible capacity expansion, stable performance, data manageability, and lower costs than SAN. If you are looking forward to purchasing the right NAS data storage server for your end-users, you have come to the right place. We provide our customers with reliable, high-performance, fully tested, cost-effective, and ready-to-use NAS servers. Our services encompass the following features.

Build your own Independent NAS Storage

Get access to a powerful storage OS that allows you to build your own independent NAS storage system. It allows you to cater efficiently to your data-intensive applications without any software costs. You can experience true storage freedom at a reasonable price. The options available with us enable easy configuration to provide enough capacity for your needs.

Excellent Performance & Features

Our NAS storage servers provide you with impressive features including excellent data management, and access to the well-established Linux container ecosystem. You can easily scale up or out its hyper-converged storage. It allows you to seamlessly deploy it as a single node or cluster it together to build a highly scalable and optimally available software-defined infrastructure.

scalable at any time
secure file storage

Secure File Storage

A key benefit that makes our catalog of NAS units more compelling is their security features. You can choose the right RAID level that will impact the overall capacity of the NAS device and make your data safer. These storage servers also leverage the JBOD mode (“Just a Bunch of Disks”) that allows you to apply redundancy measures to maximize data security.

Suitable for Everyone

From home to the office, you can select the right data storage server and align it to fulfill your data-intensive use cases. The concerned storage option is suitable for IT professionals, designers, photographers, audio/video producers and editors, developers, and other users who seek to store and protect large volumes of data for excellent performance.

Guaranteed Seller’s Replacement

We develop the Service Level Agreement (SLA) that optimally works in your favor. We intensely value our customers and seek to uphold their needs and interests thoroughly. If the NAS storage faces any glitches, we offer you guaranteed seller’s replacement, providing you with proper replacement or repairs within the specified time period so that you don’t have to compromise.

Fast & Safe Delivery with Secure Packing

Our team works with utmost efficiency to deliver the NAS device where it needs to be, as quickly and safely as we can. We are committed to satisfying the customers’ expectations by ensuring that they get their products timely. The multi-layered and protective packaging enables safe and efficient transportation. Safe handling is guaranteed.

We Offer 24/7 Support

We are available round-the-clock at your service to provide you with needed assistance and support when required. It simplifies the maintenance tasks, to ensure optimal availability and performance. We assure you that you will get fast response times and we’ll do our best to prioritize your service tickets so that you do not suffer any downtime.


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