Refurbished Workstations


Buying refurbished workstations is always a wise decision. Refurbished workstations are sold in good condition at a discounted price with a warranty. ServerBasket offers the Best Refurbished workstations at affordable prices with assured reliability and warranty. All the premium brands including HP Refurbished Workstations, Dell Refurbished Workstations, Cisco, and IBM refurbished workstations are available with us. If you want to purchase refurbished workstations, contact us and leverage a satisfactory output.
We have different models of refurbished workstations from popular brands like the used IBM Lenovo D20 workstation, refurbished HP Z400 workstation, refurbished Dell Precision T3500 workstation, etc. We can provide these with the latest configurations in our stock. They have also been tested by our technical experts to fulfill the heavy workload demands and ease the video rendering process. Our customized workstations have been built with advanced GPUs and modern technologies that benefit you with improved outcomes in handling complex workloads in the business.

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Dell, HP, Cisco, and IBM Refurbished Workstations

Select the refurbished workstations according to your business requirements. We offer a wide range of premium brands’ workstations which include the used Dell Precision T7910 workstation, refurbished Dell Precision T3500 workstation, Refurbished HP Z workstationsHP Z440, HP Z600, HP Z800, and many more.

Designed for High-End Graphics and Applications

Our refurb workstations are high-performing and deliver a good balance of price and performance. They are customized with useful tools and advanced capabilities for different configurations. This reduces the complexity of using high-end graphics applications for tasks like rendering, 3D, and video editing.

Completely Rebuilt with Fully-tested Parts

The refurbished workstations available at ServerBasket are completely rebuilt with updated applications and efficient GPUs. Each part of the used workstations is fully tested to give high-performance output for a wide range of business workflows. Any of the parts found faulty during testing are immediately replaced with new ones.

High Performance and Reliability

Though refurbished, these workstations perform and are reliable just like the new systems. They have been thoroughly tested at multiple levels to ensure their optimum performance. New parts and modern technologies are incorporated so that they can cater to the latest business needs effectively.

24/7 Technical Assistance from ServerBasket

Choosing the correct workstations for your business is a challenging task, especially when multiple options are available. ServerBasket’s technical assistance team provides the needed guidance to help you select the right workstation. After-sales technical support is available 24/7, to resolve any kind of technical issues.

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